Summer Hiatus

It’s too hot for blogging and I’ve run through my inventory of Marvel 1977 posts … so Longbox Graveyard is going on hiatus.

I expect Longbox Graveyard to return in the Fall.

In the meantime, enjoy the beach!


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  1. Kirby’s ending tenure on the World Greatest Magazine is far from his most creative work but I read this as a kid and have some very fond memories of his last FF stories.
    I always get very sad when I reach his final issue and, at times, I’m still being surprised and chocked.

    I love that cover inked by one of my favorite inker : Frank Giacoia.

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  2. Fall has fallen and winter is coming already.


  3. Should I stop holding my breath?


  4. Looks like no March Madness this year ):

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  5. I was thinking the same thing. Where’s our March Madness tournament??


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