Iron Man #94

Iron Man #94

Tony Stark does his best James Bond impression, trading barbs with an industrial super villain in his secret undersea base. Problem is, instead of a suave bad guy like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Tony is matching wits with The Kraken, a peg-legged, modern-day pirate who never-the-less talks like something out of Robert Louis Stevenson.

I like pirates as much as the next guy, but by the time Kraken got his jet-powered peg leg stuck in the floor, I was happy to see him drown. And that, dear readers, is a sentence I never thought I’d write!

  • Script: Gerry Conway
  • Pencils & Plot: Herb Trimpe
  • Inks: Jack Abel

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  1. Looks like a winner!


  2. Love that Kirby+Milgrom cover!!! But a jet-peg that can’t blast its way free from a floor seems pretty darn useless. Let this be a lesson to cybernetic pirates everywhere: you need waterproof machinery to battle at sea.


  3. I remember reading it… awkward to say the least.
    And I didn’t get to see that fine Kirby cover as a compensation!


  4. Paul, I suppose you get the cover from your Marvel online subscription. Could you get a larger resolution for the pages/covers you use for yours posts? Especially the Kirby covers,… In France we got very few original covers. I wasn’t aware did miss so many!


  5. Hey Paul, what about this theme for your next blogging commitment:
    Jack Kirby 70’s Covers for Marvel!


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