Eternals #7

Eternals #7

Kirby is in full, glorious, cosmic mode as his cast of men, gods, and madmen ramble around an ancient Incan ruin where colossal space sentinels have come to life. We witness the purposes of the Four Hosts of Celestials — the First who explore and experiment, the Second who kick ass, the Third who inspect and cultivate, and now the Fourth … who judge.

And based on behavior the three SHIELD agents who turn up in the Celestial base, I couldn’t blame them if that judgement was unfavorable. These are men of action! Who think with their fists!! Before you know it, atomic hand grenades are going off (I kid you not). My favorite character was a blonde SHIELD agent who said things like — “Jumping catfish!!” “Easy, dad!” and “I’m hip!” Arishem … is not amused. Man, Kirby was just playing a whole different game with this book.

  • Script & Pencils: Jack Kirby
  • Inks: Mike Royer

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  1. The SHIELD agents really acted like jerks here. I was shocked that Ajak was knocked down by a punch from one of them. Another very good issue in this series, though.


  2. I’ve often considered getting Arishem’s symbol as my eighth tattoo… just not on my damn thumb, because that’s painful.

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