Thor #255

Raise your hand if you’ve waited since 1962 for the return of the Stone Men of Saturn! Anyone? No? Me neither. But you’re getting them, whether you want them or not, as Thor and his pals make an unscheduled landing on a lonely asteroid, only to be ambushed by those self-same anonymous bad guys who hadn’t been seen since Thor’s original journey into mystery.

A bit of hammer work and the hapless Stone Men are marooned once more, while Thor sails off in his outer space Viking boat in quest of the missing Odin. Throughout this story, Thor and his fellow Asgardians seems to function just fine in the same kind of inky blackness of space where Thor froze solid in his own Annual. No matter, just go with it … or as they like to say in Asgard, So Be It!

  • Script: Len Wein
  • Art: Tony DeZuniga

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  1. I remember reading this! I also remember feeling smarter then the average comic-book reader since I had read Thor’s origin story (probably in the “Origins of Marvel Comics”, 1974) and so I actually was familiar with these rock dudes.

    I love that Kirby got to draw the cover, though I’m wondering if he thought of it as just another job?


  2. No interest in the story but I dig the cover. On a bad day, Kirby could lift the whole industry with his little pinkie. No sweat.


  3. Raises his hand, albeit sheepishly. I read the first Story in “Origins of Marvel Comics” back in the 70s so I was happy to see these guys show up a few years later. I don’t remember, was there any line about Thor having beefed up a bit since their first meeting?


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