DC Comics Memorial Day Sale

DC Comics is having a big digital sale over at Amazon/Comixology. I ordered up enough reading to last me the rest of the year. Nothing cost me more than six bucks!

My purchases follow below. You have the rest of today to jump on the sale … hit any of the links on this page to follow my affiliate link to Amazon, where your purchase will kick a little credit to Longbox Graveyard. But hurry, the sale ends TODAY!

Here’s what I picked up:

Challengers of the Unknown by Jack Kirby

JSA by Geoff Johns Vol. 1

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga

Planetary Book 1

Planetary Book 2

The Demon by Jack Kirby

Wonder Woman by George Perez Vol. 1

Wonder Woman by George Perez Vol. 2

Silver Age World’s Finest Vol. 1

Visit this link to see ALL the DC digital books on sale today … and let me know which of my purchases I should read first, in the comments section below!

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  1. I’d advocate for the JSA volume first!

    I’m eyeing several Batman volumes, though I’ve held off because of feeling like some grouchy old man about the “blanket” $5.99 pricing (up from what I’d swear were $4.99 sales until recently).

    My issue with the “blanket” pricing is that it’s $5.99 for Batman: The Killing Joke at 66 pages…AND it’s $5.99 for Batman: Murderer? at 600 pages. I appreciate that the sale is “up TO” X% off–so it’s not like it’s false advertising or anything. (and $5.99 for 66 pages is still a better value than $4.99 for 30 pages in a modern print edition…so anything more than 66 pages IS, admittedly, a good value comparatively!)

    At the same time, I have 52 vols 1 & 2 and all 3 Batman: Knightfall volumes from previous $5.99 sales, so those alone have me overstocked on stuff to read.

    Still, I might go with Batman: Murderer, or seeing your post here, now I’m contemplating that JSA volume just to dive into those early Johns-JSA work! I’m just bummed that the Norm Breyfogle Batman volume is full price at $35…I would ABSOLUTELY get that for $6!

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    • I just think of it as “a big pile of books.” For fifty-something bucks I just dumped 300 or so digital comics onto the floor of my treehouse.

      I’m still in that wonderful “look at all the books what do I read first?” phase where you read in ones and twos and jump around a lot. Bouncing back and forth between Kirby’s Demon and The Challengers of the Unknown. Heaven.

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      • Definitely a good point!

        And, of course, THE main thing is that you enjoy what you get…that’s the ultimate “is it worth it?” answer. 🙂

        And darnit, your enthusiasm is catching, cuz NOW I’m considering the Kirby stuff just to “try.” Two $6 purchases is $12, and THAT is 3 $3.99 comics, with loads MORE than just 3…

        (I’ll let you know if you need to ask for comission from DC…)

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        • (I get my little taste from Amazon when you order through the link).

          I’m enjoying these Demon and Challengers collection. They appear to be the same text as the printed collections — I already have the Fourth World Omnibus stuff in print, but regretted not grabbing the Demon & etc. This closes some of that gap. You get the editorial foreword putting everything in context and then you get the books (in both cases the full Kirby run, so it is long but not too long).

          Demon is full-on Kirby, crazy ideas exploding across the page, his usual assortment of supporting characters that feel like your dad’s weird friends, etc. Challengers is thoroughly a pre-Marvel adventure book, and Kirby only writes about half of them, so you get a decent ramp-in of the usual Silver Age silliness before you get to Kirby silliness. Liking this one, too.


  2. Great picks, Paul. It’s nice to see the Darkness Saga has been collected, as its one of the classic Levitz LOSH storylines but a bit challenging to track down in the original issues in decent condition. And those Kirby volumes are bound to be a treat.

    I’d start with Planetary, though. I used to have all the TPBs and totally miss them. In the early issues, I found the stories wrapped up too quickly to be truly satisfying – as if the high concept of the ideas was more important to Ellis than developing a strong story conclusion (a common problem with his work). But as the series progresses, you get into the big picture tying it all together, and it just gets better and better. Also, the artwork is some of my favorite to ever grace the printed page, with DePuy’s gorgeous colors being the perfect complement to Cassady’s images. It’s one of those books I’d want to look at even if I couldn’t read the words. If you agree, you’ll also enjoy Cassady’s brilliant run on Astonishing X-Men (with Joss Whedon) and maybe even his brief tenure on Captain America.


    • The whole reason I picked up Planetary is that I recall you were an enthusiast for the series, Mars. Looking forward to trying them out when I can settle in for a long read. Been jumping in and out for single issues of the Kirby books and Legion. Can’t seem to focus on anything especially challenging right now!

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