Avengers Annual #7

Avengers Annual #7

This is part one of my all-time favorite Jim Starlin cosmic epic and it seems impossible I haven’t already reviewed it here at Longbox Graveyard. Back in 1977, this book was like a gift from heaven. Starlin effectively hijacked the 1977 Avengers and Marvel Two-In-One Annuals to wrap-up his long-running Captain Marvel and Warlock sagas, both of which had been derailed by cancellations and Starlin’s on-again, off-again relationship with Marvel. In those pre-Internet days, when books just magically appeared on the spinner racks, there were few reliable ways to learn these things were coming. Discovering this book at the newsstand made my day. Heck, it made my year.

The Avengers are guest-stars in their own book, and that suits me fine. There’s just too much deep-continuity cosmic stuff to cover to allow room for the latest Cap/Thor/Iron Man dick-measuring contest. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that). This is really a Warlock annual, and Starlin puts Warlock through the wringer, first by bumping off two of the old Warlock cast (including a pre-movie stardom Gamora), then by having Warlock get his ass kicked by Thanos, and seemingly losing everything he’s ever fought for. But there’s redemption at the end, and I still tear up a little when I see it. Plus, the Avengers blow up a bunch of ships in outer space. Awesomeness.

  • Script & Art: Jim Starlin
  • Inks: Joe Rubenstein

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  1. This is definitely a classic, and I only read it for the first time a few years ago!


  2. One of my all time favorite stories ever!! My introduction to Thanos, Warlock, and more! As a kid the big space scenes with all the Avengers plus Spiderman and the Thing was just too much for little brain and I was hooked. So many good memories and feels with these books. And yes bought it off the spinner rack at the grocerie store. 🤓


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