Avengers Infinity War

In case you haven’t noticed, Avengers Infinity War hits theaters any day now.

Since this looks like it may well be one of the biggest movies of all-time, it is only prudent to turn Longbox Graveyard over to Avengers and Thanos articles for the next couple weeks.

In the Mighty Marvel tradition, much of what I will publish at Longbox Graveyard in the run-up to Avengers Infinity War will be “reprints” of past columns. As a courtesy to long-time readers, here is my upcoming schedule:

On that list, only my Marvel ’77 review of Avengers Annual #7 is “new” … or as new as a review of a book from 1977 can be! Everything else has already seen print here at Longbox Graveyard in one form or another.

But just like Thanos cannot resist the Infinity Gems, neither can Longbox Graveyard resist the collateral clicks that come with the release of a big Marvel movie!

So feel free to skip these entries if you have already read them … or better yet, read them again, and give me your fresh comments! The past is never really over at Longbox Graveyard!



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  1. aClockworkGeek

    So excited for this!

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    • I’m going to have a heck of a time ducking spoilers on this one. I normally don’t get out for movies until they have been showing for several weeks (and sometime I miss the window entirely — still haven’t seen Last Jedi!)


      • Def gonna wait a week here if possible. I hate how crowded theaters are opening weekend.

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        • I confess I am just about done with going out to movies entirely. Already have several lifetimes worth of entertainment to stream, and given my fascination with the past, I could be perfectly content largely ignoring new releases for the rest of my life.

          I sometimes think the perfect media bubble would be to live about eight months in the past. All the heaviest hype would be for movies making their streaming debut!

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          • I’d go more if they weren’t so expensive, and also, it’s hard to find movies that don’t feel like I have seen them before if that makes sense. The Marvel movies keep my interest, but possibly only because they’re old pals and I wanna see them when I can. I also have several lifetimes worth of stuff to stream and stuff to read. I doubt I will ever get to half of it.

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            • The Marvel movies get me out for sure, and their are some cinephile pictures I will track down if my sons are in town, but I can do without the crowds, cost, and hassle of a theater just fine, thank you very much!

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  2. Just paid $100 dollars for front row seats at 1130pm showing for opening day. This is a first for me.

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  3. I see Thanos… BUT… where the hell is the One and Only true CAPTAIN MARVEL?


  4. I cannot wait any longer! I know this movie is going to be epic but as a Marvel fan, I’m afraid I’m putting too much expectations for it! This is the beginning of the end… the end of a great era! Loved your article, thank you for sharing!


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