Introducing Marvel 1977!

All right, True Believers, I think I’ve hit on a sustainable and continuing format for Longbox Graveyard.

I’ve sometimes described Longbox Graveyard as “the blog where it is always 1977,” and now I am going to live up to that slogan. Starting Monday, and for every Monday to follow until I run out of will or material, I will offer a capsule review of a comic Marvel published in 1977.

I will be using Marvel Unlimited for this project, so coverage will be spotty. (No Conan, alas). But there are still well better than 200 issues from 1977 on that service so this is likely a project that will never see completion. (Click here for a list of every book I am trying to review!)

No matter! Forward we go! I’m already months ahead of you as you read this, so the first several weeks are guaranteed. And it has been fun to rediscover these issues — some of which I read at the time, and others of which are all new to me.

See you here Monday … and every Monday … for Marvel 1977! And please share your comments as the issues drop!


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  1. Great idea! Look forward to seeing the posts 😊

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  2. Great idea! I’m looking forward to the “new and improved” Longbox Graveyard.


    • It’s effectively the same format as the reviews as I did for the (then) All-New All-Different Marvel Now stuff a couple years ago … but unlike those reviews, they won’t go immediately out of date, given that 1977 is safely in the classic zone of timeless nostalgia.


  3. I’ll have to check which issues but, from my side of the pond, 1977 was also a Kirby’s Fantastic Four year!


    • In the U.S. in 1977 Fantastic Four was I the 170s/180s, with Roy Thomas and George Perez at the helm. It was one of the better books in Marvel’s lineup at the time; I’ve enjoyed them as they rotate to the top of my virtual review stack. (I’m writing July entries right now!)

      Kirby’s books in 77 were things like Black Panther, Captain America, and the Eternals (all of which feature heavily in this review project). Kirby also did a LOT of Marvel covers in 1977 so one way or another it feels like I’m touching his work every week (which suits me fine).

      My series kicks off on Monday with a review of Invaders Annual #1, which ironically does NOT have a Kirby cover, but they are coming, I promise.

      See you next week, in the past!


      • Yes, I was also reading Kirby’s Eternals as it started to get published in 1977 along his FF that were lagging 7 years behind the U.S. release dates. Some of Kirby’s DC work was available too.

        It was mind boggling how easily Kirby was able to switch from one drawing style to another and I was mostly blaming the inkers:
        I loved Sinnott, I had mixed feelings with Giacoia, I was curious about Royer and I disliked Colletta.

        Many, many years later… I love Giacoia, I like Royer, I’m still fond of Sinnott but with some reserves and I hate Colletta.

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        • I believe Royer was Kirby’s preferred partner. He’s my favorite, as well.


          • Yes, Mike Royer is great and, without contest, the most faithful inker to Kirby’s pencils.
            With Royer, we got the closest to pure undiluted Kirby!

            Frank Giacoia works on a different level, the guy was phenomenal with a brush and could ink virtually anybody with such ease and boldness.

            It’s like he was closing the gap between the masters of comics trips like Caniff and Robbins and the comic books masters!


  4. First quarter of 1977: issues 88, 89, 90 and 91.


  5. Second quarter of 1977: issues 92, 93, 94 and 95.


  6. Last quarter of 1977: issues 96, 97, 98 and 99.


  7. It’s not 1977 but this is the one volume that introduced me to Kirby’s FF in 1975 (although it was published in last quarter of 1973).
    9 years old, on a wednesday afternoon, I got exposed without warning to issues 48, 49, 50 and 51… Issues 48 to 49 totally fried my brain but I immediately recovered thanks to the magic of the next and best story ever by Jack Kirby: This man, this monster!




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