March Madness Super-Team Showdown Round of Eight — Vote Now!

The first round is in the books for our Longbox Graveyard March Madness Super-Team Showdown!

Titans celebrate first-round win!

There were no real upsets in the first round …

  • Avengers over X-Force 87/13
  • Fantastic Four over Metal Men 85/15
  • Uncanny X-Men over Alpha Flight 85/15
  • Legion of Superheroes over Invaders 74/26
  • Justice League over All-Star Squadron 71/29
  • Justice Society over Guardians of the Galaxy 71/29
  • Defenders over Green Lantern Corps 60/40
  • Teen Titans over Doom Patrol 59/41

… the Justice Society win was a #9 seed beating a #8, but that hardly rates an upset. Our readers did a good job in the seeding round!

I did run some Twitter voting, and over there the Green Lantern Corps and the Defenders finished in a dead heat, while the Guardians of the Galaxy edged out the Justice Society, but in neither case were the numbers sufficient to change our results here at the blog.

Now it starts to get a little more competitive!

Here is the bracket as we enter the Round of Eight:

Place your vote for each contest, below. As before, your criteria is your own. Vote for your favorite team, or the one you think wins in a fight, or the crew with the better uniforms … just be sure to vote! (And tell your friends and enemies to vote, too!)

Heroes of today versus the kids of tomorrow!

Masters and pupils!

The foundational teams of two super-universes collide!

Marvel outsider beat-down!

Voting closes no later than Sunday, 18th, so don’t delay!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the tournament:

  • Monday, March 19th — Final Four
  • Monday, March 26th — Championship Match
  • Monday, April 2nd — Final Result Announced!

So get voting … and get commenting, in the section below!



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  1. This round was much harder than the first. Here is what I voted for and why.

    Avengers vs. LSH – That is a hard choice. But, I voted for the Avengers. When the LSH is good, it is one of DC’s very best books. But, the Avengers are the better comic. The 1st 200 issues of the Avengers are among the best comics ever published.

    JLA vs. Teen Titans – I voted for the JLA. I’ve read more JLA than Titans. But from what I’ve read, I think there are more great Teen Titans comics than JLA comics. So why’d I pick the JLA. First, the JLA is more iconic. And the Teen Titans were started as a young JLA clone.

    FF vs. JSA – Where the first two choices were hard, this one was impossible. I voted for the FF and feel a little guilty about it. The JSA was the original super hero team and I think many of the best silver age stories are Earth-1 and Earth-2 team-ups. But, the FF had Stan, Jack, The Thing, Doctor Doom, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Skrulls, Kree…. So, I had to give the FF my vote. If there had been a silver age JSA title, it might have gotten my vote. Being a golden age title worked against it.

    X-Men vs. The Defenders – Finally, an easy one. Defenders is a fun book, but the Stan and Jack, Roy Thomas and Neal Adams, Chris Claremont / Dave Cockrum / John Byrne / Paul Smith runs on the X-Men are the stuff dreams are made of.


    • Can’t complain about any of those picks, and I think you will see all of your squads in the Final Four. I will confess to voting the other way for everyone but the Avengers, but I’m picking solely on the basis of the books that have given me the most joy through the years. (Defenders was a hard call in that regard).

      I am feeling a hankering for JLA. I’m on the lookout for those Bronze Age Omnibuses (Omnibusi?) that DC has published recently. I have the first (soft-back) volume of Silver Age JLA and it is fun for a browse now and then but reading more than one story in a row gives me a concussion.


  2. Justice League vs. Teen Titans happened back in the Wolfman/Perez days. DC remade the conflict in a 2016 animated version, but I haven’t seen it. I did like the idea of the “teenage sidekicks” beating their adult counterparts in combat, even if the JL was under the influence of the totally evil Trigon at the time. JL vs. TT was revisited in Geoff Johns’ run on the Titans, too, both with the “real” JL and a creepy alternate universe version. History says the titans are destined to conquer the Justice League when it hits the fan. Then again, my pro-Titans bias is well-documented. I’m just happy 2018 brought another March Madness from the Longbox Graveyard!


    • I didn’t remember JLA/Titans, though I must have read it. I came across a couple screenshots when I was Googling up art to support this round of the Tourney, but I think the top hits were all animation screenshots, so I wondered if the movie was its own creation.

      I think I pick Titans over JLA just because I find the characters more approachable, more human. The JLA Big Five feel like statues in a gallery.


      • New Teen Titans #4 (Feb. 1981) pits the teens against a JLA roster of Hawkman, Zatanna, Atom, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern. At the end, Bats says, “You kids better have explanations” for what just went down. Robin gets totally hacked off at being called a kid, and he gives the JLA a piece of his mind — deservedly so, since the adults basically unleashed pure evil into our universe.


        • Wow, so it happened right as the series kicked off? Makes sense, I guess. Will have to pull down my Omnibus and give it a read. (Sold off my original copies in one of my many purges).


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