March Madness Super-Team Showdown Round of Sixteen — Vote Now!

The people have spoken, the seeds are set, and voting is now open for the Round of Sixteen in the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Super-Team Showdown!

Cast your vote for the team you think deserves to win each match-up. Use whatever criteria you desire — raw power, smarts, karma, best uniforms … whatever you desire … just so long as you pick one and ONLY one winner in each match-up!

(And I will likely experiment with voting over on Twitter, too — so if you see me there, feel free to vote again!)

BONUS — Tell me in comments below about how your team wins their fight. Can the Hulk of the Defenders overcome the combined will of the Green Lantern Corps? Does the guile, experience, and wartime ruthlessness of the All-Star Squadron somehow trump the Trinity at the heart of the Justice League? Spin a tale in the comments section.

Here’s your bracket for the tournament:

Vote below!

It’s the First Family vs. the Ferrous Family!

DC Comics A-Listers, past and present!

Outer-space rebels versus old school Mystery Men (and women!)

Sidekicks vs. Misfits!

It’s X-Men #121 all over again!

Marvel royalty vs. the most EXTREME X-Men of all!

Non-Team vs. galaxy-spanning peace corps!

The heroes of tomorrow versus the heroes of yesterday!

Hurry — voting for this seeding round concludes early on Sunday, March 11th!!

Here is the schedule for the rounds ahead!

  • Monday, March 12th — Round of Eight
  • Monday, March 19th — Final Four
  • Monday, March 26th — Championship Match
  • Monday, April 2nd — Final Result Announced!

Hurry — voting for this seeding round concludes early on Sunday, March 11th!!

Thanks for voting in the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Super-Team Showdown! Tell your friends! And tell me about your picks in the comments section, below!


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  1. I don’t want to spoil anything but, obviously, The FF will blow away everybody else… It’s CLOBBERING TIME!


    • I dunno … I think the enthusiastic voting in the pre-seeding round may have set the Fantastic Four up to fail with that #1 slot. Time will tell. (This first round is a walk-over!)


  2. This is fun. Thanks for doing it!


  3. Here are my picks:

    FF vs. The Metal Men: While I love the idea of quirky teams like the Metal Men, I think I’ve read one comic book featuring them? The FF is the birth place of so much of the Marvel universe that it wins easily.

    JLA vs. All-Star Squadrom: What I’ve read of ASS was wonderful, but the JLA is DC’s #1 super hero team.

    GotG vs. JSA: I loved the first Guardians movie so much I went home and make a 3-D Groot cake just for fun. But, I’ve got to give my vote to the underdog – the JSA. They were the 1st super hero team and the JLA / JSA crossovers were some of the best comics published by DC.

    Teen Titans vs. Doom Patrol: Hard choice. I like both teams, but haven’t read that many of either. What I have read of Wolfman and Perez’s Titans was amazing, so they barely edge out the Doom Patrol.

    X-Men vs. Alpha Flight: The originals vs. their Canadian clones. I like Alpha Flight, but they’re no X-Men.

    Avengers vs. X-Force: That’s a clown question, bro. 🙂 Avengers!

    Defenders vs. GLC: The GLC is a great idea, but it ends up being thousands of people with the exact same powers. I’ve only read a little Defenders. But they’re really quirky fun, so they get my vote.

    LSH vs. Invaders: I love the concept of the Invaders – A WWII super hero team lead by Cap. But, I can’t stand the comic because the artwork hurts my eyes. The LSH has had a really rough time since crisis, but the utopian future Legion, is a concept I really like. So, I voted for the Legion.


    • Poor X-Force.

      The tight match in this first round looks like it is going to be the Guardians versus the JSA. It’s the new hotness versus the greatest of the golden age, and maybe a fault line between new fans and old. I put up a separate Twitter poll for that match-up and it ran the mirror opposite of what we’ve seen here on the blog so far, with my more general audience on Twitter going for the Guardians, and the hardcore comics fans on the site picking JSA. I’ll total the results for the final decision but it looks like it is going to be close.

      The only other match that looks competitive in this first round is the Defenders versus the Green Lantern Corps. The Defenders have an early lead, but it is not quite overwhelming. I’ll put that one up on Twitter tomorrow. I wonder if our old Super-Blog Team-Up pal Flodo is still around? He could probably rally every Green Lantern fan on the web to put the Corps on top for good!


  4. I was hoping for an upset in JLA vs. All-Star Squadron, but alas, it doesn’t look to be. I love the JLA but the ASS, uh, that is, the All-Star is one of my two favorite DC comics along with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    The other loser-to-be which I voted for was the Green Lantern Corps over the Defenders, though that was a very tough call for me.

    It looks like the only “upset” according to the seeding is JSA over the Guardians, but as with the baskeball version of March Madness, I don’t consider a 9 seed over an 8 seed to be an upset.


  5. I showed up too late to the party to vote in this round, but I would have chosen the same winners anyway – with one exception. Though most Green Lantern comics don’t do it for me, the Green Lantern Corps is a galaxies-spanning collection of beings that includes some fearsome fighters and even a planet, all running on sheer force of will power with rings that can do damn near anything. I can’t see the Defenders coming out on top against a crew like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If the polls were open another week — particularly on Twitter — I expect the Corps would have won out. But instead our voters went with Subby, the Surfer, Doc Strange, and some green force of nature that just gets more pissed off when you try to work your “will” on him!

      How about the second round, Mars? Defenders vs X-Men, who ya got?


      • I went with X-Men in the second round against Defenders. The X crew has some heavy hitters, including Phoenix and Magneto, depending on where in X history we choose our roster. Magneto rips all the iron out of your blood and hen Phoenix blasts everyone into atoms… Game Over.

        On the other hand, Doc Strange might just drop everyone into some distant level of a magical universe, winning by banishment. I’m not really clear about his power level. Silver Surfer is one of those characters I can’t imagine being beat by anyone in spandex. He’s got the Power Cosmic, and that should be enough to blast the mutant team into nothingness. But is Silver Surfer really IN the Defenders? Articles say he could not be an official member for a long time because Stan Lee wanted control over all Surfer stories. So I don’t know if we are including the Power Cosmic in these battles.

        Roster questions are also why I voted for the Legion of Superheroes. If you consider their entire roster over time, they are a pretty much unbeatable team of super-sentients, with multiple members boasting Superman-level powers.

        March Madness would probably be less fun if we painstakingly created team rosters, but I wager that many votes depend on what roster each voter has in mind.


        • Yeah, those roster issues are why I slip the punch and just say, “Vote on your own criteria.”

          I think of the Silver Surfer as a member of the Defenders, but I confess I can’t remember reading an issue where he appeared. I expect it was a one-off early in the run, and if you roll with the Defenders just one time, it sticks for you for life. You never live it down, it is like Sub-Mariner’s pimp suit.

          (I think Doc Strange’s powers are limited only the the requirements of the plot … certainly in the Englehart era he had moments of god-like power, like Marvel’s answer to the Spectre)

          And I hear you on the Legion, what with their near-infinite roster and all … but if the Avengers can call in the Hulk (and why not) they win, eventually. Because the madder Hulk gets, the more ridiculous he gets. And he’s an immortal now, in case you haven’t heard. Take that, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy!

          Hulk toasts the X-Men on behalf of the Defenders, too, though I guess he and Wolverine end up fighting to the end of time like a couple angry nature gods!


          • Hulk definitely gets stronger when he gets madder, though Wolverine could chop his head off, and Ultra Boy could throw him into the sun. But if he is immortal now… then I guess he’s badder than a big green Terminator! What is there to do but drop him into an alternate universe and let him be someone else’s problem?


            • When the power potential of one of your combatants is effectively an infinity symbol, then I don’t see how you go against him. Sure, there are pocket dimensions, the far future, the trackless void of space … plenty of places to maroon the Hulk. But he’s like those dinos from Jurassic Park — always finds a way to jump the fence.


              • We need to pitch Jurassic Hulk to Marvel! Immortal Hulk spends millions of years living with dinosaurs until the energy unleashed by the meteor-based extinction event sends him back to the present — with the meteor revealed as a time-travel plot by Dr. Doom to make the planet unfit for consumption by Galactus millions of years ago.


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