“Z” Is For …

… Zot! (1984)

And this is a total cheat — I’ve never read Zot! I bought the omnibus for my kid, though. That’s as close as I got!

Have I missed something great in the key of Z?

Let me know in the comments, below!

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And join me back here tomorrow as I wrap-up the month-long trip through the comic book alphabet.


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  1. I got nuthin’. Two issues of Zero Hour in my collection, so I’ll go with Zot even though I’ve never read it.


  2. I’ve got to mention an early work of Grant Morrison called Zenith. It first appeared in the British weekly 2000AD but is now available in TPB. Not sure if it had much exposure in America but highly regarded over here in UK.


  3. Shout out for the six-issue “Zero Killer” from Dark Horse, an action-packed adventure in an urban dystopia.

    The Zot omnibus collecting the black-and-white issues is a decent read with occasionally gorgeous art and creative approaches to storytelling. McCloud’s essays on each issue are usually as interesting as the issues themselves, or even more so. I didn’t love the entire series, but some episodes really stand out.


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