“Y” Is For …

… Young Justice! (1998)

As we get to the end of the alphabet, I find myself stretching the definition of the idea for this series.

Sure, there’s a Young Justice comic series. I’ve heard good things about it. But I haven’t read it — my affection for Young Justice owes entirely to the animated series. It died an untimely death, but is coming back for another season. Unfortunately, it will stream exclusively on Bluetooth wireless smart refrigerator networks (or some equally-obscure service Warners is trying to get on its feet) so I guess it might as well still be cancelled to me.

Am I missing a great “Y” book? Shout it out!

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  1. For me, this list begins and ends with…
    Young All-Stars.


    • I couldn’t get into that series. I guess I was just too wounded that All-Star Squadron became collateral damage from Crisis.

      Man, every day that goes by just makes Crisis look that much worse.


      • You’re right about that. Crisis on Infinite Earths effectively killed what may have been DC’s best series. Another reason to despise COIE despite George Perez’s fabulous art.

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  2. Shout out for “Y The Last Man”!


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