“V” Is For …

… Vison! (2015)

The mid-70s Vision was one of the very favorite characters of my era, and I don’t think he ever quite recovered from the abuse he took in West Coast Avengers, but Tom King’s reVISIONist take on the character was the best thing Marvel has put out in years.

The Vision seems to work best in ensemble books. As a member of the 1970s Avengers, he was as watchable as Mr. Spock on the bridge of the Enterprize. Also, like Spock, the Vision was at his best when juxtaposed with emotional, flesh-and-blood characters that could misjudge him, come to respect him, and even love him. In this series, the Vision is again part of an ensemble, but this time the ensemble is his family, and it is the Vision himself — attempting to fit into human society as a government worker living in the suburbs — who is the “normal” guy. At least, he’s a guy who tries very, very hard to be normal — or if not normal, then at least unexceptional. In this he fails, and it is spectacular.

A thoughtful series that stands on its own. Pick up a collected edition and enjoy.

Tell me how you feel about the Vision, in any incarnation, or hit me with your own “V” books in the comments section!

Honorable Mention:

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  1. I would have to go with V for Vendetta. After all, in some small measure Moore channeled the rebellious sentiment boiling beneath the surface of a significant amount of people all over the world. Probably the movie had as much if not more cultural influence, but why quibble? That novel is a high benchmark that, for me personally, has not lost its edge in multiple re-readings. Okay, that being said, I really love the recent Vision series too. I can empathize with his misguided desire to fit into “normal” society. I’m waiting for the trades to go back on sale and then I’ll pick up the rest of the series.


  2. The only V titles I have are V for Vendetta, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch miniseries, and a couple of issues of Vigilante. V for Vendetta wins, though it’s almost by default, as the Vision and the Scarlet Witch miniseries, after a strong first three issues, seriously falls of the tracks. I’ve never read the new Vision series, and in all honesty, I’m not likely to.


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