“R” Is For …

… Red Sonja! (1977)

Not a great book by any stretch, but Red Sonja is Conan-adjacent, and it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine how Frank Thorne’s interpretation might appeal to an adolescent boy.

(I also read the recent Dynamite Red Sonja strip but don’t much remember it, sadly).

Help me build a reading list for the letter, “R!” Give me your ideas in the comments section, below!

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  1. Assuming miniseries are OK, Ronin?


  2. Slim pickings in “R” territory. This time I will allow pre-teen Me to vote, and so the winner is Richie Rich. My Dad used to drive us across country most summers in our VW van, and I was happy as a clam laying down in the back of the bus reading (and re-reading) my stack of comics acquired from spinner racks on the way. You could not be too choosy since the selection was pretty bad at times, which lead to some obscure (for me) choices like Gold Key, Classics Illustrated, and lots of Funny Animal books.

    I liked Richie Rich quite a bit, so he is my choice for “R”.

    Other “R” books on my radar included Ragman (I had a complete collection – all 5 😉 and Runaways (which I read a few years ago, borrowed from the library).


    • When gas was 50 cents a gallon.


    • Richie Rich it is!

      (I jumped straight into superheroes when I came to comics — never really read Archies or Disney books or any of the funny animal stuff … I was such a serious young man).

      Runaways came out during one of my many times away from comics and I never read it, will catch up someday.

      What the hell was Ragman?


  3. I have to go with Rom here. I agree with jwlindwall. I’m surprised how slim the picking are for “R”.


    • Rom’s probably the best book from the Big 2, I just never tumbled to it. I should have liked it — I like all things Mantlo — but I never had much enthusiasm for books with Sal Buscema on the masthead. If it was on Marvel Unlimited I’d give it another go.

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  4. I do have the Ronin miniseries, but I haven’t read it in over 30 years. I’ve got one issue of Red Sonja. If I’d been into non-superhero comics back in the day, I’d likely have picked up more issues of it and who knows, maybe it would then give Rom a run for its money.

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  5. No love for Rom: Spaceknight, huh? Well, I guess a curvy, half-naked redhead is always going to be a bit more appealing than an alien cyborg with a had shaped like a toaster.


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