“Q” Is For …

… The Question! (1987)

Not a lot of “Q’s” out there, folks!

I did actually read and collect the Question … I had a dozen of the books, so I must of liked it. But the book is a (wait for it) question mark for me. I don’t remember a thing about it, and the issues went out in one of my many purges.

What did I miss? Or is there some other “Q” I should pursue? Tell me in the comments, below!

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  1. Being such a huge Question fan, he’s the only main Q-named character that’s an immediate choice fro the letter Q. I loved the JLU version. Perfect translation I felt.


  2. The Question is a great character, although to be honest I actually cannot stand Objectivists in the real world. I guess Vic Sage happens to work for me because he exists in a fictional universe where writers can make things more black & white than they actually would be in reality. Also, count me as another fan of the animated Justice League Unlimited version. It was the perfect casting to have Jeffrey Combs voicing the character.


    • I believe that was series writer, Denny O’ Neil’s take as well, that Ditko’s Question wouldn’t work in the modern world, be it back in the late 80’s, or now. Well, maybe now, especially considering how you’re pressured to root for one political party or the other, or you’re not being an America. I’d love to see the Question use Social Media the way only he’d use it.

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    • Wonder if we could scare Steve Ditko out of his Big-2 retirement to do a Question series?

      I wonder if we SHOULD?

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  3. I have Quasar (1989) # 2 so I guess that wins for me by default, but I like the Question, though I’ve never read his series. I think I’ll have to take a pass on “Q”.


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