“P” Is For …

… Power Man & Iron Fist! (1978)

I was fostered into this book.

Power Man wasn’t a book I followed, but I was definitely an Iron Fist fan. When Iron Fist was spliced into Power Man as an experiment to improve the sales of both lagging books, I was spliced into Power Man, too. I’d be lying if I said my time with the book lasted much beyond the departure of Claremont and Byrne, but I did enjoy the team-up, and the friendship that developed between the heroes (and grew into one of the great partnerships in all of Marvel).

Returning to this book to more thoroughly enjoy the run is perpetually near the top of my “to read” pile. Should I do it? Should I pursue some other “P” book? Let me know!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Paper Girls (2015)
  • Power Girl (2009)

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  1. Definitely don’t forget Ellis and Cassidy’s Planetary or Kyle Baker’s CRIMINALLY underrated Plastic Man series.

    As for Power Man, have you tried out the latest reboot? I know it’s been canceled now, but I heard it was good, and the new outfits weren’t bad.

    As for the old run, Christopher Priest, then known as James Owlsly wrote the last chunk of that run until it was canceled. Kurt Busiek wrote a couple issues as well.

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    • I have a friend who has been after me to read Planetary for years. Pretty sure I have the first couple volumes on my shelf down in California. Maybe this is the year.


      • You really, really should treat yourself and do it. It’s a softer, albeit still very twisted, side of Ellis, waxing sentimental. It’s basically a love letter to the past wrapped up in a mystery. Super-heroic archaeologists. Who’d a thunk it…..


  2. I have to go with Power Man & Iron Fist here. A good, solid Bronze Age title.

    Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man was pretty good. I also enjoyed the Power of the Atom. Power Pack was decent. I’ve got the 1988 Plastic Man limited series, which was good. I never got into the Punisher that much, though I do have some issues of his series, though.


    • Oh DUDE, I loved PoTA! Humbag’s face used to scare me as a kid. No $hit. Such a creepy-@$$ face, you know?


    • Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man probably deserved a mention, but it was a casualty of my anti-Spidey bias. I never had more than a few issues in my collection. Heard good things about Power Pack but never read it (the whiff of Young Adult scared me off).

      Punisher is of course the big omission here, I expected to have more torches waving under my window for that one.


      • I don’t necessarily have an anti-Spidey bias, but I’m not really much of a Spidey fan. I like some Spider-Man stuff, but there are plenty of other characters that I’m a bigger follower of.


  3. Bronze-age John answers today: Power-Man/Iron Fist it is! I was a John Byrne fan and somehow stumbled onto this book bak in the day. I ended up as a Chris Claremont fan also, cause y’know, X-Men. Great book! Remember sharing it with friends in Junior High.

    I think this book elevated both characters. So awesome!


  4. Um, can we skip “Q”? I see no candidates in Q-land. Oh wait! I’m saved…. see you tomorrow!


  5. I would have gone with Marvel’s title with the longest name – Peter Parker Is The Spectacular Spider-Man. I’m not a big fan of characters having a ton of titles, but I thought this had some fun stories.


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