“I” Is For …

… The Incredible Hulk! (1962)

The Hulk has had a lot of interpretations through the years, but my favorite is the loud, dumb, and heartfelt version most frequently seen in the Incredible Hulk, especially in its Silver and Bronze Age incarnations.

Puny Banner! General Thunderbolt Ross! The Hulkbusters! A non-stop parade of gamma-irradiated super-baddies! I love it. I even warmed up to Herb Trimpe’s iconic take on the Hulk, after I studied him a bit and saw what he could do when his breakneck Marvel deadlines allowed him to apply himself.

Plus, it was thanks to collecting the Incredible Hulk that I own the single most valuable comic in my collection … even if I did cut it up as a kid.

Tell me about your own “I” book favorites!

Honorable Mentions:

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  1. I agree. The childlike and short-tempered green behemoth is “my” Hulk, though there are other interesting version. It’s a tossup between that and Iron Man for the “I” king.

    I also liked The Invaders and Infinity Inc. quite a bit, and Iron Fist, with some Claremont-Byrne magic was a very worthy “I” title as well. I is a better letter than I’d have thought. I haven’t read too many Inhumans, but I do like what I’ve read.


  2. When I was a kid, I didn’t watch The Adventures of Superman, Batman ’66 and only occasional did I watch Super Friends. But, I watched every episode of the Incredible Hulk.

    You think that would mean I’d be a big fan of Hulk comics, but oddly enough I’m not. I think the Hulk’s comic is only okay.

    I finally realized the difference. The TV show was about David Banner, the comic book is about the Hulk. I found David Banner (doing his best impersonation of David Jansen’s Fugitive) to be the more interesting character.

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    • Bill Bixby is appealing. I never tumbled to the show because slow-motion Lou Ferrigno in body paint didn’t measure up to the comic book Hulk I loved. Now, of course, I can see how the character was cleverly reframed for the realities of 70s TV … but at the time, it was only the comics for me.


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