“C” Is For …

… Captain Marvel! (1968)

And here I mean the copyright-driven version of the character published by Marvel Comics, and not the original holder of the name.

With this selection, I’m clearly picking a sentimental favorite book that is pretty far from being the best “C” comic out there (whatever “best” means when we are talking comics nostalgia). My attachment to Captain Marvel is emotional and multi-layered. It was reading Jim Starlin’s Captain Marvel #34 as a kid that I first understood what a dynamic and energetic form of storytelling that comics can be. I’ve written that the character’s story arc is a kind of accidental masterpiece — and I am still deeply attracted to Captain Marvel’s journey from war hero to enlightened man of peace. I have an unaccountable nostalgia for Cap’s white-and-greens phase (and was re-reading and enjoying those stories just a couple weeks ago). I also love the Marvel “Cosmics,” and along with Warlock and the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel is the torch-bearer for that particular superhero comics subgenre.

Nah, I’m just hooked on this hopeless character. I don’t even get the satisfaction of seeing him get a movie (that’s going to be the other Captain Marvel — and that’s fine, I like Carol, too). It’s not convenient, it’s not easy to explain, it doesn’t make sense, and I’m sticking with it. Captain Marvel is my man. May he rest in peace.

Tell me your “C” stories, in the comments section below!

Honorable Mentions:

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  1. Certain runs of Captain America are great, and Captain Marvel has has its moments. I’ve finally been reading some Conans lately, and that’s great too. If you put a gun to my head and make me go with just one, I’ll choose Captain America. My preference for superheroes gives him the edge over Conan, and his longer runs of excellence give him the edge over the Kree man.

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    • “C” was the hardest call for me, for exactly the titles you mention. I especially love the Brubaker Cap era. Conan would have been an even more provocative choice than Captain Marvel. But Marv is my choice and I’m sticking with it (well recognizing it is an idiosyncratic and fringe opinion).


  2. I liked Captain Marvel, though apparently not as much as you. I recall fondly some issues drawn by Al Milgrom, some of which were inked by the amazing Terry Austin. I also have an appreciation for the Shazam Cap.

    But personally, I would have to go with Captain America. I loved Kirby’s run, starting with “Madbomb”.


    • Mmmm I might request a do-over of my choice for “C” and instead go with Concrete, by Paul Chadwick. Those are amazing stories and I love them dearly


      • Good call.

        I’ve got Marvel/DC blinders on most of the time so I miss the “obvious” ones from other publishers. (Or sometimes I just haven’t read them, as is the case with Concrete).


    • Most of those Captain Marvel books are junk. “Favorite” and “Best” aren’t the same thing!

      I like that Kirby era, too. I read it for an article several years ago, I should go back to it. Overall I’m a Brubaker guy.


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