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The new year is still new enough that resolutions are appropriate, so i thought I’d try to rouse Longbox Graveyard from its Odinsleep with a pledge to publish daily throughout the month of February.

These posts will be short and punchy, with an eye toward jumpstarting reader discussion here on the blog. So don’t expect “regular” Longbox Graveyard articles — or even capsule reviews. But hopefully some Longbox Graveyard is better than no Longbox Graveyard, and this project can grow into something worthwhile.

And what is the project?

I call it, Comics A-To-Z. Each day in February, I will pick a favorite comic for a given letter of the alphabet. Tomorrow, I’ll pick my favorite comic for the letter, “A.” Then I’ll continue through the alphabet, with my choice for “Z” landing on February 27th, and a wrap-up column concluding the month on Wednesday, February 28th.

Expect a lot of mid-70s Marvel and DC choices, because I am old.

I’ve written well ahead on this project and choosing just one comic per letter poses some interesting (if arbitrary) choices. Certain letters, like “A,” “D,” “M,” and “S” see a real pile-up of titles, while others — like the letters granting maximum Scrabble Score — run thin. There are also a couple letters where I find I haven’t read the presumptive favorite (or I’ve read it, and didn’t appreciate it), so this will be a chance for my audience to educate me on great books that deserve a second look.

I hope you will join me tomorrow — and throughout the month — for Comics A-To-Z. Comments and welcome, and expected! If you are out there reading this, please sound off!

anyone remember this guy?

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  1. Well congrats on waking up and cheers to your new endeavor, ha ha.
    Oh God Type-Face. Definitely not Paul Jenkins’ finest hour or creations.
    Ol’ Typie is like a bad rejected Bat-Villain that somehow smuggled aboard a truck or train passing through the MU, where he unfortunately got off.

    Plus he’s got the P, T, and Y on his face are in the wrong order of he has looking to spell out one of Michael Jackson’s hits form the 80’s, “Pretty Young Thing.”


    • He’s horrible, I never knew about him, I hope to forget.

      The problem with Google searching “superhero alphabet” is you get a lot of stuff for kids’ rooms.

      I fully expect there is an alphabet villain out there for Batman (maybe partners with Calendar Man?) but I didn’t search long enough to find him.


      • Didn’t find an alphabet-themed villain, no, so you’re safe there. The only partners that would really suit Calender Man’s gimmick would be all the time-themed villains, like the Clock King or Chronos. Hmm, that would be a nice one and done team-up come to mention it.

        Upon further research though there was an alphabet-themed hero named Letterman from the original Electric Company show from the 70’s voiced by the one and only, Gene Wilder.


        • Calendar Man, Clock King, and Chronos are the greatest team-up of … ALL TIME!

          (Kang will wish to crash the party, though)

          Good catch on Letterman, too. I loved Gene Wilder. His work in Young Frankenstein is one of the finest comic performances of … ALL TIME!


          • I was pleasantly surprised to find out Gene Wilder did some work for the Electric Company as well.

            Here’s the link to one of his Letterman skits:

            Joan Rivers is the narrator and Wilder’s The Producer’s co-star Zero Mostel, plays the villainous Spellbinder.

            When you see a line-up like Calender Man, Chronos and the Clock King, it just screams “MAKE ME ALREADY!”
            Damn right Kang would crash the party. Speaking of Gene Wilder, how funny would it be to see Chronos and Kang do their best Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor impressions, and engage in similar shenanigans like that comedic duo?


            • In the most recent Marvel continuity, I think Kang actually IS Richard Pryor!


              • While I know he’s never ever set himself on fire while smoking crack, he sure has had to endure defeats amidst certain victory that were just as embarrassing….but less cooler than the sheer image of Kang as Jo Jo Dancer going up like a burnt q-tip because of mal-functioning crackpipe.

                Wait, the Scarlet Witch used to blow up shit with her hex bolts all the time back in the day. Has she ever caused of one Kang’s futuristic weapons to blow up in his face and set him on fire? THERE’S your more accurate comparison.


                • I think you’ve just tipped the plot of Marvel’s next summer crossover event. Bendis will come back to write it with a 12-issue backbone series that centers on a conversation between Kang/Pryor and Chronos/Wilder that features 8,000 words of spoken dialogue spread over 10,000 balloons with a David Mamet cadence.

                  Cameo for the Mandrill, drawn to look like Alec Baldwin.


                  • Damnit Paul, don’t make me regret saying that! Ha ha. Shit, if Bendis comes back after ruining Superman, and he reads this, that’s EXACTLY what he’ll write.
                    Alex Baldwin as the Mandrill is too good of a visual to pass up though. Except unlike the Mandrill, his powers of sexual persuasion over women will come from his unbreakable chest hair, not super-powered pheromones 😉

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  2. Nice to hear from you Paul! “Type-face”!? Nope, never heard of him. Any relation to “Taser-Face” from GOTG? 😉

    I am looking forward to providing pithy comments to your upcoming series of posts. Let er’ rip!

    For a future series, I suggest pocket reviews of all the Canadian super-heroes and villains. Perhaps a bracket elimination even! Go Puck!


  3. Can’t wait for your Quasar review.


  4. I’m hoping for Steve Ditko’s Question.


  5. ^Ditto 😉 But only because I’m an biased fan of the faceless wonder.


  6. Glad to have you back and posting again!!

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