First Issues Comics Sale!

Longbox Graveyard is moving to Canada next month. My move is a tale for another time, but in advance of my move and starting today I will be putting several lots of comics and games up for sale on eBay. Support Longbox Graveyard and add comics to your collection — check out my listings below!

First up is a complete lot of All-New All-Different Marvel #1s. These are the same books that I used for my review series last year. Click HERE for details.


I had planned a similar review series for DC’s Rebirth, but for any number of reasons, that project never came together. I’m offering a large lot of Rebirth books for sale — click HERE for details.

DC Rebirth!

A couple single #1s are also for sale — click HERE for my general eBay listing. I will be adding more lots of graphic novels and games in the weeks to come, so check back often!

Thanks in advance for your support. Tell a friend!


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  1. Those all new Marvel firsts were that good that you’re selling them already, Paul…

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    • Nah … just no interest in collecting contemporary comics. I only bought them for research and review. Read em, now it’s time to move em out.


      • Yeah, that wasn’t an entirely serious comment:)… It was pretty clear from the reviews where you were coming from.
        As it happens, I enjoyed reading them, and I’m curious to know – did you actually return for second issues of the better titles? Did any of them grab you enough to keep an eye on them regularly?
        Hope you don’t mind the questions.

        And good luck in Canada
        (Moving to Canada in January?!? You must be a hardy sort, Paul)


        • I did like a few of the new Marvel books. The top of the stack for me were Vision and (completely out of left field) Hercules & Carnage. I tried following them on a monthly basis as those books dropped six months later on Marvel’s Unlimited service, but decided I prefer long reads of complete stories and decided to wait for the full runs to become available (which should be happening just about now).

          I did read the first dozen or so of the X-23 Wolverine book and Daredevil, because a friend of mine was buying the floppies — I liked X-23 until it got sidetracked by whatever crazy cross-over was kneecapping Marvel that month. Daredevil was OK and I’ll likely return to it on digital someday. Nothing else made much of a mark, though I’m sure I’ll be happy to catch up on Karnak or Doctor Strange eventually. Overall, Marvel’s constant relaunching seems to pay diminishing returns and undermines any effort to try to keep up with the latest and greatest. Something’s got to give.

          (And I’m having basically no luck selling these back issues, either — those readers who might have cared have clearly moved on).


          • All those first issues not massively appreciating in value, eh?

            I have to say I’m completely baffled by the publishing strategy of Marvel and DC… but you’ve pretty much covered that in general before.
            Thanks for the specifics here, though. “Diminishing returns” sounds about right – hard to see how either of the big two will cope with any change in public taste at the movie box office…


            • The books did finally sell, for about a buck each … and I had to pay postage.

              First Issues had some value when a book might be expected to stick around for fifty or a hundred issues (or more), but this frequent reboot cycle has substantially reduced their worth. Once the current reboot cycle is over, and a NEW new #1 has relaunched a series, the previous #1 loses much of its luster. It’s almost like the best time to sell a #1 is when #8 of that series hits the streets … long enough that the #1 has become scarce, but not so long that a looming re-reboot starts to suck all the air out the room.

              Doesn’t matter, I’ve probably bought my last new monthly comic. Happy to go back to collections and digital.


  2. Are you moving to Canada because of Jan. Twentieth ?


    • As much as that would make for a good story … no, the timing is coincidental. My local work wrapped up last September, and my search took me to L.A., Boston, and Germany (twice!) before settling on this job in Vancouver. I have lived in Vancouver before, and in fact the last time I was up there was right in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, so I have a bizarre history of leaving the States for Canada in times of national distress. But, nope, though I may claim it in jest (or come to claim it in earnest in years to come), I’m not fleeing the country because of the election. At best, it’s a fringe benefit.


      • It’s okay to tell us the truth… that you were chosen to be the newest member of Alpha Flight!


        • Only partially true. I’m joining the team, but in view of what my power level is likely to contribute, they’ve changed the name to “Beta Flight.”

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          • Two months without word from the Longbox Graveyard, and we’re hoping the Canada Quest is going well for you. Perhaps the Longbox is being reborn in the cosmic crucible of poutine, moose, and hockey? Send word when you get settled in! 🙂


            • I shouldn’t be surprised if poutine granted superpowers. Nor would I be surprised if poutine summoned Cthulhu.

              I have indeed arrived safe and sound in Vancouver — thanks for checking up on me, Mars. The move went smoothly but was nonetheless exhausting. No matter how well you plan these things (and I planned this move like the Mad Thinker), every move eventually comes down to throwing the last of your crap in the car and sitting on the trunk to close it. Finishing my third week at work now, and it is going well but I find I don’t have a lot in the tank by the time I get home, so my nerd life has been in Odinsleep, aside from getting out to see Logan last weekend.

              Having an old “for sale” post at the top of my blog is not a good look, I know, and I will get back to Longbox Graveyard sooner or later. When that happens will be as much a surprise to me as anyone, but I am starting to feel a stirring in my geek soul. There’s a huge comic shop about a twenty minute walk from my front door, and I owe them a visit. Been waiting for a Saturday without rain, but that can be a LONG wait in Vancouver, so I may brave a walk in the wet this weekend. Maybe.

              Thanks for writing, Mars!


              • The weather in Vancouver is the only reason I am not already your neighbor in that town. It’s been on my “top five places to move to” list for years. The other ones involve learning Dutch and are more tropical. But please sign me up for poutine superpowers and whatever other experiments the Canadians have for creating a super-team. Great to hear you are doing well.


  3. Make Captain America great again.


  4. Paul, I just noticed this post! You do live an adventurous life (compared to me at least)! Moving though — not fun. Best of luck in your new position!!!

    I’d be happy to buy your copy of “Capes and Cowls” game from you … how’s $40 sound? (ha ha)


    • Definitely keeping Capes — it might even be one of the few games I move with me to Canada! Most of my stuff is staying in the States, including all (non-digital) comics. I’m traveling lighter than ever now.


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