Longbox Graveyard On Summer Vacation

I’m going on vacation for the rest of June, and this blog and my Twitter and Instagram feeds will be dark until July.

superhero summer by Brendan Tobin

art by Brendan Tobin

In the meantime, keep reading comics! And feel free to comment on this or any other post … I will reply when I return!

I will be back in July, with the roll-out of my DC Rebirth capsule reviews, a new Longbox Soapbox, and much more. Thanks for your support!



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  1. Have a great vacation, Going anywhere fun?


    • Excellent vacation, thanks — went to Europe for a couple weeks, toured all around the Baltic Sea with my wife and two boys (who are about to head off for school). Felt like kind of a last chance for a family vacation, so we took it.

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      • That sounds like an awesome vacation! Europe is on my bucket list, along with a lot of other things that have about as much chance of getting done. 🙂


        • The thing about travel is that it never makes sense. It is always too expensive, the time is always too precious, the kids are never ready for it. As an equation, it never pencils out. Then you take the plunge and do it anyway, and most or all of those objections just kind of fade away, and then you’ve done it and it has changed you as a person, and fortified you with shared memories that will last a lifetime.

          Then you get away from travel for awhile, and it seems increasingly impossible and irrational, and there is never enough time, and you don’t have the money, and etc. and etc. But it really does change you. One of the themes of this blog has been getting rid of stuff, and (by inference) not spending on new stuff when you still have so much old stuff hanging around. But nested inside that is spending your money on other things — specifically experiences in the form of knowledge and memories and leisure. I find those things give me more joy than the ways I used to spend my money.

          But even with that policy I still went decades between my European trips. It’s hard. But completely worth it.

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  2. Good for you Paul! I hope you have a great and relaxing month of June!


  3. Hope vacation has been great.


    • Extraordinary! I took a cruise and got into plenty of places I never thought I’d see. Stockholm, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. Lovely cities all — if I had to live any one place it would be Copenhagen, I suppose, but all had their virtues. Saw plenty of art and culture and unique places and reconnected with my wife and boys — couldn’t ask for more, really. And the month away from blogging and fandom helped to recharge my batteries a bit, too. Maybe I’ll start shutting down every summer, like some Parisian businessman.

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