Captain America Civil War!

You may have heard that there is a new Marvel movie in theaters … Captain America Civil War!

Captain America Civil War


Captain America is my favorite superhero, and I’ve covered him a lot here at Longbox Graveyard. Get on board with Team Cap and prepare for the movie by reviewing these blasts from Longboxes past!

To help fill in your Captain America knowledge, I recommended these five graphic novel collections, including the iconic Captain America #1.

CaptainAmerica #1


And since Captain America is an identity as much as he is a hero, I dedicated a whole column to the time Steve Rogers gave up being Captain America!

Captain America No More!

My heart belongs to the Bronze Age, but my favorite Captain America run is of considerably more recent vintage. Here’s my appreciation of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America!

tremendous cover image

My list of the Top Ten Captain America Villains is the most popular thing I’ve ever published at Longbox Graveyard, and it prominently features the main bad guy of this new move — Zemo!

Baron Zemo

You can get a load of Jack “King” Kirby in my Captain America Covers Gallery and my Captain America By Kirby Gallery!

Captain America #193, Jack Kirby

And don’t miss my Captain America by Steranko Gallery, either!

Captain America #113 by Steranko

Enjoy the movie … and go Team Cap!




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  1. How come you are using a french version of the Civil War poster?


  2. Brubaker’s time on Captain America is one of the best Modern Age comics. I think from the beginning through the Trial of Captain America is pretty much perfect(excepting the whole time displaced Steve Rogers thing). I feel like the last 19 issues once Cap gets back just don’t have the same feel. No Escape, the Bucky versus Zemo story is an all time favorite of mine.


    • Yes, Brubaker’s run remains my favorite. I love how he kept pretty much everything from Cap’s past but only shined the light on the parts he wanted us to remember. I go back and re-read it every couple years — I have the whole run in Omnibus format (and always will!)


  3. Saw the movie Friday night. I’m over the punchfests, and my favorite parts of the movie were the Vision/Scarlet Witch interactions. I could watch a slice-of-life movie starring those two going through an average Tuesday.


    • Have you read Marvel’s new Vision book? It was much more of a suburban nightmare but it did have a bit of that slice-of-life thing going on.

      I just saw the movie last night and found it solidly entertaining. When Peter Parker started talking with a New York accent I had one of those, “Of course!” moments where I instantly wondered why no one had ever voiced him like that before.

      Plus, Ant-Man.


      • SO weird you ask about Vision. I left work a little early last night and stopped by Midtown Comics for the first time in about 4 months, and thumbed through the newest issue of Vision, and I have to say, based on the first page recap and what I skimmed through, this is exactly what I want to read. I will wait till its released on the Unlimited app though, and even then, it’ll be a while before I get to it. I’m busy with a MASSIVE X-Men-related art project with Unlimited that gobbles all my free time. When it’s completed, Longbow Graveyard will be one of the first places I share it with. I have a feeling you’re going to dig it, even if you’re not a major X-fan.


        • Looks like you’ve got about a year to wait before the whole Vision series shows up on Unlimited. I think the first issue just went up last week.

          Very eager to learn more about your X-Men project, and I’d like to promote it here at LBG. Would you like to do a “making of” guest blog? I can guarantee that I’ll push TENS of clicks your way. TENS, I say!

          Email me if you are interested. longboxgraveyard (at) gmail (dot) com


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