Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — WINNER ANNOUNCED!


The Longbox Graveyard Supervillain Tournament of Evil is complete, and the winner is …


Doom Wins!

Galactus got off to an early lead in the voting, but Doom built momentum throughout the week, and ending up winning handily, 60-40.

With his victories over Red Skull, Darkseid, Joker, and finally Galactus, Doctor Doom truly proved himself the greatest supervillain of all. All four of Doom’s foes were world-class … there was no easy matchups for Doom. Despite strong competition, Doom’s average margin of victory was 47 points!

Doom is in a class by himself.

(Now, if only the movies could get him right!)

Here’s the final bracket for our tournament:

Final Bracket


Thanks to everyone who voted and commented in the tournament (and the comments section is open, below, to Praise Doom). If the fates are kind we will be back here next spring to run another tournament. Or maybe the Fall! I have an idea for a Halloween-month tournament that I might indulge …

… but for now, ALL HAIL DOOM!

Super-Villain Team-Up #14



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  1. So, do we congratulate Vic for this dubious honor?


  2. An easy prediction for this outcome: DOOM rules!

    Long live the King of Comics: Jack Kirby rules!


  3. Galactus never did live down getting faked out by a cigarette lighter.


  4. I saw grey clouds and felt a chill wind blow into town today, silencing the spring chirping of the birds and sending the children crying into their homes.
    Now i know why—truly a shadow has fallen on mankind today.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I had absolutely no doubt that Doom would win out, and I’m glad the majority of voters agreed with me though. Wise choice people. Long Live The Great Destroyer, DOOM!!!!!!!


  6. What an awesome splash panel of Doom conquering Galactus. What book is it from?


  7. I think it was a miniseries, wasn’t it? Maybe ten, fifteen years ago.
    Yeah, it is pretty cool!


  8. Sean, while Darkseid may be the tiger-force at the core of everyone’s nightmares now, there will be will be no agitation from the serfs or the stars when Doom rules the universe.
    (Obscure Dr. Doom Quote Dept.)


    • That’s more like it, mlp. I wondered where what happened to the retort you promised before.
      You were much missed at the final.


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