Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND!

Looks like we should have just jumped to the championship round for this tournament, sports fans … our Final Four was as devoid of drama as the preceding rounds!

The Cinderella run of #16 seed Thanos came to a screeching stop in the Final Four, as he proved no match for Galactus. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom showed the Joker that supervillainy is no laughing matter!

  • Galactus d. Thanos, 64-36
  • Doctor Doom d. Joker, 77-23

You know what that means, folks … that’s right, it’s an All-Jack-Kirby Final in the Longbox Graveyard Supervillain Tournament of EVIL!

Hail To The King!


Here’s the championship round bracket for the SUPERVILLAIN TOURNAMENT OF EVIL!


Let’s meet our challengers!

In the cosmic corner, wearing purple togs with a TV-Antenna helmet, hailing from Planet Taa by way of the Cosmic Egg, weighing in at 36,000 pounds, we have the Devourer of Worlds, the awesome, the mighty, the epicurean … GALACTUS!

Galactus by Jack Kirby

And in the despotic corner, wearing a green cloak and an iron mask, the dread sovereign of Latveria, weighing in 415 armored pounds, sorcerer, scientist, and stealer of the Power Cosmic … DOCTOR DOOM!

Doctor Doom by Jack Kirby

The referee for tonight’s match is Mister Fantastic!

Reed Richards by Jack Kirby

(pause while Galactus visibly blanches, and Doom throws up inside his mask)

The battle is joined! The outcome is in your hands!

Vote now!



Doom vs. Galactus

No Ultimate Nullifiers Allowed!


For the final time, vote early, and vote often — and tell your friends!

(And stand up for the villain of your choice in the comments section, below!)



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  1. Thanks for not using an image of Galactus where he has that “G” logo on his chest… or where he is not wearing any pants (bare legs look)! That Dr. Doom image is a favorite of mine from a Marvelmania poster; I have a t-shirt with that image on it.

    As for how I voted …. well, you do know that I have a collection of Dr Doom toys, right?


  2. I must say I am very disappointed in the results! neither of these candidates is an evil villain. Galactus is a force of nature and Doom is a monarch. Both of them are honorable after a fashion. How can they be categorized as “evil”?

    The Joker, although being merely human, outstrips both of these characters in terms of evil. Or the Green Goblin? How about Dracula? Thanos and Darkseid should be facing off, not Galactus and Doom imho.

    Alas, I’m playing in the Marvel sandbox. Time to collect my little action figures and go home.


    • I think that may be why these two are both in the final – they’re not just purely evil. People generally prefer a “shades of gray” villain to a strictly over-the-top unequivocally evil bad guy. For that matter, most people nowadays prefer shades of gray in the heroes too (though I prefer a good guy who is actually good and I can root for). I will say, though, Magneto vs. the Joker would have made a much more interesting final, IMHO.

      Anyway, I’m still deciding which guy to vote for. It’s very tough! Alastair Savage does make a good point about Doomsey defeating the Beyonder, though.

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      • Fifty Shades of Grey Supervillains, hmm? That’s a topic for the next tournament.

        Okay, that would be a decent match up: Magneto and Doom. They are very similar in that they are antiheroes or at the very least morally complex. I guess that was my issue: what’s the criteria here?

        Galactus cannot compare with Doom as a character. He is not really a character: he is more of a tool to be used in a story like the setting, like a hurricane that the characters we care about have to deal with. His concept would have to undergo a vast contraction and expansion in order to make him a compelling character in a compelling narrative. And I’m not sure it could be pulled off. His “Story” might come off as a history rather than a narrative. Again, up to the writers.

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        • I like the idea of a Fifty Shades of Grey Supervillain tournament!

          Actually, I do equate Magneto and Doom in my mind. I do think of them as very similar in many ways. Perhaps almost too similar to meet in the finals.

          As far as Galactus, yeah, for the most part he hasn’t been a great character, but he’s been a part of some great stories, so that probably explains some of his support.


    • I have never understood the idea of Doom as an honorable man. HE says that he is, but why should we take his word for it? His rivalry with Reed is incredible petty and leads him to do things like shoot the Baxter building into space and sending Reed’s kids to literal Hell. Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s work on Fantastic Four does a good job of looking at the idea of Doom as honorable and seeing if that is really true.


      • Hasn’t Doom been portrayed as a complex man with a MASSIVE ego but who also kept his word? He perpetrated villainy, but wasn’t necessarily wicked? I think I was swayed by Hickman’s recent portrayal where he seemed to me to behave like an uncle to Reed’s genius daughter, but…disclaimer…I m not an expert on the FF or Doom. I said this before: I am taking issue with the criteria for this tournament of EVIL. Just my opinion, but if we’re voting for EVIL then, I can’t say that Galactus is evil, nor is Doom. I would think Mephisto or Darkseid or Thanos would be better candidates for the title of most evil.


    • There is an undeniable Marvel bias here at Longbox Graveyard, but take heart — I’ll be reviewing DC’s “Rebirth” relaunch starting in June.

      (I was going to say, “Keep the faith, True Believer!” but that would be mixing my metaphors).


  3. Alastair Savage

    Not to sway anyone’s votes or anything, but while Galactus is bascically a god, Doctor Doom did defeat the Beyonder in Secret Wars #10. Was that a great cover or what?


  4. Whew, tough call, but I finally voted for Doomsey, as Spider-Man might say. He’s a supervillain that I can relate to a bit more than the “force of nature” Galactus, plus his outfit is a bit less ridiculous.

    That’s an awesome Kirby poster, though I do think it unfairly slights Stan “The Man” Lee.


  5. I have long been of the mind that Victor Von Doom is the best supervillain of all time. First, everything about him is great. He is a great visual. The idea that he runs a country allows later writers to make politically complex stories. He has an army of robots! That is supervillain 101. But, ultimately, I think the #1 thing that puts Victor over the top of other villains is his versatility. He is an enemy for the entire Marvel universe, not just the FF. He can fight the Avengers on month and show up to ruin Spider-Man’s day the next. A villain like the Joker, only REALLY works with Batman, but put Doom anywhere in the Marvel Universe and it fits.


    • You won’t get me to argue that Doom is not a great character. In fact, because I think he is such a great character (not b/w but nuanced or at least possesses potential for nuance at the very least), I don’t consider him EVIL. I took this tourney literally: who was the evilest villain? So, Galactus murders billions every time he gets the munchies. Doom is motivated more by ego than a plain desire to hurt people. And the Joker is really just bonkers. Is he even responsible for his actions?

      I have to disagree with you slightly about the notion of certain characters only working with certain dance partners. I think it’s up to the writers and artists to craft a compelling story. The Joker could very easily have been Spiderman’s arch nemesis. He could have discovered Peter’s ID and not told anyone because he is nuts. And if you want to do really god-awful comics, you could retcon his origin so that he was the thief that killed Uncle Ben and a young Spiderman (accidentally?) dropped him into a vat of chemicals that sparked the chain of heinous villainy. So, up to the writer’s imagination to craft a compelling story.

      Nonetheless, you are 100% correct, DOOM is an awesome character. I was voting for the most evil character and I don’t see him as the most evil. I see as anti-good perhaps? Or an antihero? Wasn’t he the inspiration for Darth Vader? Thus far, the best screen representation we have of Doom?


      • I always feel like the Joker going after other DC characters just doesn’t quite work the way you want it to. Aside from a really great episode of Justice League, although that does include the Royal Flush Gang. I think Doom sending kids to Hell is pretty evil. I really believe in the banality of evil and I think Kirby does as well. Both Darkseid and Doom have a kind of evil that is all too human. Doom’s actions being informed by nothing more than a grudge against another man or how Darkseid is the voice encouraging you to give in to your base prejudices is evil in a way that is very close to us as readers.


        • Nice observation about the relative flexibility of Doom vs. Joker. Doom fits when fighting almost anyone in the Marvel Universe, but the Joker vs. Flash doesn’t feel right at all, does it?


  6. Damn, I’m shocked Thanos lost. Oh well,. Fuck the world! Doom for the win BA-BAY!!!!


  7. When I voted it was very close… very close indeed. Tough to call.

    The metrics should point to a Galactus victory, but I’m going to put my money on Doom.
    But how…? Doom is smarter than Reed (obviously) but his ego wouldn’t allow him to go the same route and use the ultimate nullifier. And anyway, he’s not the kind of guy who’d just extract a vow and let his foe go off on his merry way!

    Doom already pulled off a major upset beating Darkseid. I mean, Latveria doesn’t even qualify to join the European Union, let alone mount a serious challenge to Apokolips.
    So, I reckon that Morbid fella – ha ha – was right, that the only way Doom could have won in round 2 was by solving the anti-life equation first.
    Which also beats Galactus.
    You can’t argue with logic.


    • Doom is to supervillains as Batman is to superheroes — he always wins, even when he’s way out of his weight class.

      And I suspect it is Latveria that refuses to join the EU, not the other way around. Can you see Doom letting the Latverian Franc get tied to the Euro? I thought not.


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