Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — ROUND THREE!

More blowouts and beatdowns in the second round of our Supervillain Tournament of Evil! Is the lack of competition a surprise, or all part of some diabolical plan? I dunno. But once again, we had a round which went pretty much according to expectations, with only our “bottom seed” Thanos “upsetting” Loki and a big wipeout in our 4/5 matchup between Lex Luthor and Galactus coming close to raising eyebrows.

The second round results (by percentage of votes):

  • Thanos d. Loki, 59-41
  • Galactus d. Lex Luthor, 71-29
  • Joker d. Ra’s al Ghul 65-35
  • Doctor Doom d. Darkseid, 67-33

I thought that Lex Luthor would put up a better fight against Galactus, but he went down harder than anyone else this round. Maybe we are seeing Longbox Graveyard’s “Marvel bias” in action here … or maybe it wasn’t Luthor at all, but instead a robot loaded with Hate Tapes!

Dead Lex

Regardless, our Final Four is set! It’s Thanos vs. Galactus, and the Joker vs. Doctor Doom!

Here’s the latest bracket for the SUPERVILLAIN TOURNAMENT OF EVIL!



Vote now!



Thanos vs. Galactus

Deep Space Death Gods!


Joker vs. Doctor Doom

Clown Prince versus the most dreaded sovereign of them all!

As always, vote early, and vote often — and tell your friends!

(And agitate for the villain of your choice in the comments section, below!)



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  1. Superboy also discovered Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift tapes in that Luthor robot, which made it even more evil.
    Doctor Doom is about to do what Batman should have done years ago–he is going to destroy the Joker.


    • Over on Twitter, we determined that Zach Snyder is actually a robot jammed with Batman and Superman Hate Tapes. HATE HATE HATE.


      • Ha ha, after that last “movie”, I definitely have to agree with that assessment, ’cause he seems like he really does.

        Yeah that round went how I thought it’d go down too, but damn, looks like the Thanos/Loki match was close though.
        I wonder how many Darkseid fans are pissed about Doom beating him? I can see where they’d be surprised by that and would defintiely think the fix is in with a bunch of Marvel fans voting for that one. Personally, no bias on my part other than being a bigger Doom fan and again, after what he achieved in Secret War recently should’ve more than supported that particular argument.

        Lex Bot…ha ha, nice.

        My picks for the final 4 are as follows:
        Doom over Joker, and Thanos beats Galactus. Why? Remember back in 2006-07, when Thanos has Galactus locked up in a small compartment in his ship like Anne Frank? Yeah I do too…..


        • Your picks were 50/50 (considerably better than I have done in this tournament!)

          I think the Longbox Graveyard faithful were stuffing the ballot box for an all-Jack Kirby final. The people have spoken!


  2. Lex out is an upset? Pshaaw – no way is he as smart as Reed, let alone Doom (you just know those Doombots run on digital HATE). I doubt he could even beat the Surfer, or whoever the herald is these days, let alone the big guy.
    The real upset was the Joker getting through. R’as al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins, who knows the secret of the Lazarus Pit loses to a guy who has green hair and laughs a lot? I don’t think so.
    Early days for round three, but… can it be,,, Thanos will be out? That makes sense to me – for all you’ve been bigging him up, Paul, how powerful is he exactly? His girlfriend is tougher than yours seems about it. Unless he’s got the Cosmic Cube or some Infinity whatsit (I don’t know, I’m old) whats he going to do?
    Can’t see Galactus being bothered much by a time mind sync warp.
    An all Jack final. You know it makes sense.


    • It is sure starting to look like an All-Kirby (and All-Fantastic Four!) final … I can’t fault your logic, but I am still surprised that Thanos (at this hour) is trailing Galactus. Thanos has been far more relevant presence in the Marvel Universe (both the comics and the movies) for the last several years. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Longbox Graveyard readers have long memories, but still.


      • They called it the worlds greatest comic magazine for a reason.
        (Hard as that can be to remember sometimes!)
        But yes – even though its logical (unless you’re our pal mlp) I too was surprised to see Thanos trailing when I voted.


  3. My good friend Sean, despite his jovial good nature and encyclopedic knowledge of the ways and powers of Darkseid and Galactus, is clearly talking out of his hat. His desperation is obvious, and he knows as well as I do that it will come down to Thanos and Dr.Doom, with Doom taking the prize.
    It isn’t about raw cosmic power, but smarts, which admittedly I don’t have, but Doom and Thanos have in spades.
    But I am nothing if not gracious, and will accept his concession speech when he decides to deliver it. 😉


    • Eh?
      Suddenly mlp is a Thanos man?
      I don’t know what he’s been smoking over there in his fortress of ultimate darkness, but I believe I mentioned Doom was smart and would make the final.
      Thanos on the other hand was beaten by Captain Marvel – how smart can he be? But instead of commenting on my hat – which is rather stylish actually, for your information – he could enlighten us as to what makes Thanos so clever.


  4. I’ve never liked Lex Luthor, so I wasn’t sorry to see him go. Plus, he’s been in way too darn many of those Superman movies, as if Supes doesn’t have any other foes.
    This Final Four is tough for me. I think they’re all great villains, though I voted for Galactus and the Joker.


  5. Starlin’s first six issues of Thanos in 2003 gave us an interesting conflict between Thanos and Galactus. It’ll be fun to see how it plays out here.


  6. Sean, i will come up with a retort, but it might take me a week or so! Cheers!


  7. John Hennings

    I’m catching up months later, as usual. I just wanted to say that “not Luthor, but a robot full of hate tapes” — that’s a distinction without a difference.


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