March Madness Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — ROUND TWO!

Blowouts and beatdowns characterized the first round of our March Madness Supervillain Tournament of Evil! In fact, if you discount the “upset” of #16 seed Thanos knocking off #1 seed Magneto, the entire round went as expected, with the top seeds triumphing easily (and in some cases spectacularly … Doctor Doom took 90% of the vote against the wretched Red Skull!).

The first round results (by percentage of votes):

  • Thanos d. Magneto, 64-36
  • Loki d. Dark Phoenix, 61-39
  • Lex Luthor d. Green Goblin, 60-40
  • Galactus d. Two-Face, 83-17
  • Joker d. Sinestro, 76-24
  • Ra’s al Ghul d. Kingpin, 58-42
  • Doctor Doom d. Red Skull, 90-10
  • Darkseid d. Catwoman, 77-23

Hopefully the second round will prove more competitive, but before we get to the match-ups, one last word about that Thanos-As-Sixteen-Seed. Remember that our initial seedings were based on IGN’s list, which certainly ranked Thanos too low. He would be a top four seed if I were doing the rankings myself. When Thanos emerged from our sixteen-villain play-in round as the “lowest” seed in the tournament, the writing was on the wall for poor Magneto … and now that Thanos has slain the master of mutant magnetism and become the tournament’s de facto top seed, you have to like the Mad Titan’s chances to run the table all the way to the final.

Thanos, like a boss

for Thanos, it is all coming together …

But these Longbox Graveyard tournaments are nothing if not unpredictable — remember when Lockjaw upset Krypto in last year’s Super-Pets competition? So let’s get on to the next round, and see if some of those sure things prove to be anything but!

Vote for ONE bad guy in each match-up below. Use whatever criteria you like — pick your favorite villain, or the guy who would win in a fight, or the guy that could beat Donald Trump in the California Primary! It is up to you! Voting concludes at a random time on Sunday, April 3rd … so get voting!


Supervillain Tournament Round 2!

Vote now!


#8 LOKI vs. #16 THANOS

Loki vs Thanos!

Trickster God versus Mister Serious!


Lex Luthor vs Galactus!

Reed Richards beat Galactus … can Lex pull off the same trick?

#2 JOKER vs. #7 RA’S AL GHUL

Joker vs Ra's Al Ghul

Batman’s arch-enemies, old and new!


Doctor Doom vs Darkseid

All-Kirby dark despot showdown!

Vote early, and vote often — and tell your friends!

(And defend your vote in the comments section, below!)



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  1. Judging by the results of the first round of vile voting for villains, it seems that my loud voice was indeed heard and my mighty power felt! Or at least most of my choices survived to the second round, at any rate. All except for Catwoman, who I figured would lose but I entered as a PROTEST VOTE against Darkseid, who is over-used and frankly gets on my nerves.
    i am an old-fashioned guy in many ways, and quite conservative in my choices for EVIL.
    I knew the Red Skull was gonna go down hard, facing Doc Doom in the first round, and I always considered him a second-rater anyway.
    I suggest everybody think twice before voting against Doom, because for all we know he might be monitoring this blog and will deal harshly with cowardly turncoats.
    Doomed if ya don’t!


  2. Damn, these are a bit tougher for some, but for me it’s, Thanos Over Loki easy, Doom over Darkseid, I might regret it later, but I picked Luthor over Galactus, I just think Luthor could do it if Reed could, and Joker over Ra’s. Never bet against Joker unless it’s against Batman.

    Very interested to see who wins in the end of this round.


  3. Well mlp better watch out for Omega beams!
    And I should give up on predicting this after last time, Paul, as I ought to have seen that Darkseid v Doom bout coming. Seems like a lotta love for Doom round these parts – which is as it should be – but still, thats probably Darkseid out then…
    The greatest super-villain gone in the second round?
    The Joker or Ra’s al Ghul make it through, but the tiger force at the core of all things doesn’t?
    Ridiculous. I smell a fix… (I suspect Marvel zuvembies, but far be it from me to suggest any of the other competitors is a knock-off imitation…)


  4. I forgot about those those Omega beams, Sean!
    If anybody needs me, I’ll be hiding under my bed.


  5. With how Well Thanos is doing, I think that Ultron would have done well also.


  6. Not that anyone asked, ha ha, but my votes are as follows:

    1). Thanos VS. Loki- I voted for Thanos, because he’s just that badass and manipulative, even thought that’s supposed to be Loki’s deal, I just see Thanos and him out-maneuvering each other, till Thanos reveals one last trick.

    2). Joker VS. Ra’s Al Guhl- Had to go with Joker here. He’s just so unpredictable and such a force of chaos, I can’t see Ra’s being able to figure him out even though he clearly has the numbers edge with his League of Assassins.

    3). Lex Luthor VS. Galactus- My brain and and automatic gut-reaction says Galactus, but my heart says Lex outsmarts Galactus in much the same way he outsmarted Amazon in the JLU series. If Reed and Doom can do it, even Lex could.

    4). Doom Vs. Darkseid- This another that should seem like a slam dunk, as in a slam dunk, done deal for Darkseid with his power, armies, Omega Beams, etc. But never, ever underestimate Doom, especially after Secret War. I can see Doom outlasting and outsmarting Darkseid in the end, especially when he discovers the Anti-Life Equation and uses it against Darksy.


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