Batman v Superman

DC Comics and Warner Brothers lay claim to their slice of the superhero movie pie as Batman v Superman arrives in theaters this week!

Batman v Superman

It’s a high-stakes debut as Warners seeks to fire up a superhero cinematic universe to compete with Marvel Studios’ box office juggernaut. Batman and Superman, together again for the first time, in a cinematic slugfest that also promises to be a “backdoor pilot” for the forthcoming Justice League movie!

As you might imagine, Longbox Graveyard has covered both Batman and Superman quite a bit these past several years … get ready for Batman v Superman with these blogs looking at a time when DC’s big dogs weren’t quit so combative!

I took a look at the pre-Frank Miller Batman in this appreciation of Batman, “The Grey Knight.”

Gene Colan, Detective #561

And I looked at the very influential Steve Englehart Batman era, too.

Marshall Rogers, Batman

I looked at how Grant Morrison and Alan Moore each handled The Last Days of Superman.

Frank Quietly

Speaking of big dogs … both Batman and Superman were known for their super-pets, and Krypto and Ace featured heavily in my Top Ten Super-Dogs list!

Krypto by Alex Ross

And of course Batman and Superman, themselves, featured prominently in my DC Comics Top Ten.


The Longbox Graveyard podcast did a deep dive on the last time Batman was on the silver screen with this assessment of The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises

Digital comics fan and creator that I am, I quite enjoyed the digital-first Batman Legends of the Dark Knight series.

Legends of the Dark Knight -- Born Digital!

And you can also check out the Longbox Graveyard Batman Covers Gallery, Batman Trading Cards Gallery, DC Superhero Christmas Gallery, Batman Gallery, Superman Covers Gallery, Superman Gallery, and even hum along with the iconic Batman and Superman theme songs!

Enjoy the film! Even though the trailers show Superman and Batman at each other’s throats, I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll prove fast friends by the end …


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  1. I think I’ll revisit the comics and skip the movie!

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