March Forth On March 4th With The Merry Marvel Marching Society

It’s March 4th … that means it is time to MARCH FORTH!!

(video by Matthew Hawes of The Happy Show)

I was a FOOM kid, myself, but were any of my readers a member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society? Sound off in the comments, below (after you’ve marched back from marching forth!)



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  1. To my eternal regret I never joined FOOM or any other comics fan club. I’m not sure why to be honest … these things would have been right in my wheelhouse at that age! I was not averse to mailing away for things (life size frankenstein, for example), so that does not explain it.


    • There was definitely a stigma to sending away in the mail for things when I was that age. Sending cash in the mail was a risk, and Mom couldn’t always be bothered to write a check. And then even when you did it all right, it seemed like half the time your order never showed up at all (I still remember the bitter sting of five-year-old me trekking to the mailbox every day to look for a magic set from Chex cereal that never arrived — those bastards!)

      I actually had the opposite problem with FOOM — I either subscribed twice, or my sub was extended after I bought a renewal, or something, but for a good long while I received two issues of FOOM every three or four months. Which wasn’t a terrible thing, but still.

      And you gotta tell me about that Life-Size Frankenstein! Always wanted one.


  2. Sadly, I was not yet born when the M.M.M.S. was in full flower, or else I would surely have presented myself and my bona fides for consideration. (I am dubious, however, about any organization that would have me for a member.) I do currently hold many titles of distinction, however, to wit: R.F.O., Q.N.S., and K.O.F.
    Perhaps an honorary retroactive title in the M.M.M.s. might be bestowed upon us Fearless Front Facers who missed the clarion call by a few years, eh, Paul?


    • I’ve handed out the occasional Longbox Graveyard No-Prize but never considered honorifics beyond that … how about I label you a Loyal Longbox Layabout (L.L.L.) while deciding if I want to go down that particular rabbit hole?

      Either way, Face Front!!


  3. Many thanks! I will immediately update my resume!


  4. WE had WAM in the 90’s, and as you said, I couldn’t ever join due to trying to send stuff in the mail. Either cash was risky, or Mom wasn’t gonna write a bunch of 1.99 checks, haha. I did get a Charleston Chew mailaway comic once that cost like, 75-cents. I wrapped the coins up in a CC wrapper and prayed that someone didn’t take my coin. I was so happy that shitty Marvel Comics Presents ripoff finally arrived!


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