Scarlet Witch #1


Capsule Review

Disappointing. Scarlet Witch is a favorite character, and James Robinson is a superior writer, but I found this take on Wanda meandering and a bit too precious for its own good. The Scarlet Witch is troubled by dreams, sips coffee, talks to a ghost. There is a bloody murder scene and a demon in the mix, but the book isn’t eerie enough to work as horror … and there isn’t nearly enough action for it to work as a superhero book, either. So what we have is something in the muzzy middle, with a lot of scene-setting and a potentially interesting promise to explore the roots of Wanda’s witchcraft, but I won’t be sticking around for the ride. Unlike the recent Doctor Strange reboot, this book didn’t do enough to bring me into Wanda’s world, or make it an interesting place that I wanted to explore. Vanesa Del Rey’s art aims for moody but comes up muddy.

Approachability For New Readers

Poor. There is a clever framing device at the beginning of the story that ties us back to the Avengers, but otherwise this story is a lot of vague references to characters and events of the past. Starts in the middle, and it’s kind of the middle of nowhere.

Read #2?


Sales Rank

#29 December

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Scarlet Witch #1



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  1. I liked it better than you, enough to pick up the second issue when it comes out. After that I will see how I feel.

    Then again, Wanda is one of my favorite Avengers, so maybe I’m more willing to give this series a chance to prove itself.


    • You will have to let me know if it amounts to anything.

      I might have stuck with it, despite the slow pace, if Wanda wasn’t drawn to look like she’d just been punched in the nose a dozen times. That’s a good look for DeNiro in Raging Bull, but for the Scarlet Witch … not so much.


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