Guardians of Infinity #1


Capsule Review

It might normally be unwise to spread the Guardians of the Galaxy’s success over multiple books … but the business is what it is, and this book gets a pass because it is (firstly) entertaining, and (secondly) written by Dan Abnett, who helped to make the modern Guardians into stars a decade ago. Abnett gets right down to it, with Rocket, Groot, and Drax investigating a space station, allegedly with the vague idea they are guarding something, but more directly, so far as Rocket is concerned, to see if it might have something worth stealing. The characterization crackles. Carlo Barbari’s art is a little on the scratchy side, but it gets the job done. Bonus points for roping in the original Guardians. And even more bonus points for a rare backup story that might be better than the main feature, where writer Jason Latour and penciler Jim Cheung put Ben Grimm in an alien gladiator arena, ostensively to battle a bunch of pug-uglies, but really to learn what it is that makes the heart of a warrior beat. (Or at least the heart of a wrestler). Good stuff.

Approachability For New Readers

It all starts in the middle and doesn’t tell you much of what’s going on, so … not so great. But fun.

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Sales Rank

#6 December

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Guardians of Infinity #1


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