Red Wolf #1


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Red Wolf’s a dog … and I say this as the co-creator of Darkwatch, which officially makes me predisposed toward westerns. But this book didn’t grab me at all. Red Wolf is the Native American sheriff of Timely, a position I gather he took up in one of Marvel’s innumerable Secret Wars spinoffs. He endures racism, soaks up wisdom from his mom, tracks some bad guys, and comes out second-best to a villain who looks like he missed the memo that Cowboys & Aliens was a flop. Nathan Edmonson’s script is on the wordy side, and Dalibor Talajić’s art is never better than ordinary. There’s a twist at the end but I’d checked out by the time I got there … while there were possibilities on display, Red Wolf’s world felt perfunctory and staged. Marvel deserves credit for putting a western on their schedule but I expect it won’t be long before ol’ Red Wolf rides into the sunset.

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It works.

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#64 December

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Red Wolf #1



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  1. jeez… this one could have been something but the imagination of the writer was limited and short sighted…this is not the western book i thought it was going to be…..they moved it into the present…like right away…without hesitation ….they were afraid of the limitations of being a western book when they should have embraced that aspect of the concept…. let him be in the west and create a world around that….that would have been special …..this book is now like everything else at Marvel….just kinda blah…..


    • To their credit, DC did put a high-quality “traditional” western book (All-Star Western) on their slate during their New 52 launch. I think it lasted about a year, maybe longer. Jonah Hex is a stronger character than Red Wolf, and they tied the book in with Gotham City … but it was still a doomed enterprise.

      Fun while it lasted, though, which is more than I can say for poor old Red Wolf.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


      • Jonah Hex lasted way, way longer than the critics thought it would.. 70 issues…. it was set in the west…Marvel should have let this comic be set in the old west too…I want the concept of Red Wolf to be a winner but the comic that’s out now is boring me to tears…..way to suck Marvel!


        • Yes, DC showed a lot of patience with All-Star Western. I snarked at DC for their New 52 relaunch but overall, it was a more coordinated and successful effort than the All-New All-Different Marvel Now. (Admittedly a low bar).


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