Star-Lord #1

Star-Lord #1

Capsule Review

Hey everybody, it’s Young Peter Quill! What we have here is Peter’s origin story … a new one, sort of, and while this young Peter has plenty of rough edges, he’s no where near the psychotic jackass he used to be. This Peter is a scrappy kid, the square peg, too smart for the room but thinking with his fists — he feels like a slightly more Young Adult fiction version of J.J. Abrams’ young Captain Kirk from his Star Trek reboot. None of these are bad things. Writer Sam Humphries makes us care for Peter as he works as a grease monkey in an experimental space program, stealing simulator time to polish his piloting chops, and scheming for a way to jump the line of more qualified astronaut candidates competing for that big space ride. Of course, Peter’s headstrong ways get him into trouble. You can draw a pretty direct dotted line from this kid to the Star Lord we’ve seen in recent Guardians of the Galaxy comics and movies. Artist Javier Garron provides solid storytelling and uses exaggeration to good effect. It’s a comfort food kind of comic book — the beats are predictable, everything goes as you’d expect — but it is still fun enough.

Approachability For New Readers

Good. One of the few actual origin stories in this crop of new Marvel #1s. There’s no mention of the Guardians of the Galaxy or a tie-in or a flash-forward or anything like that, which seems like a missed opportunity to ground new readers coming here from the film, but whatever.

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Sales Rank

#44 November

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Star-Lord #1



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  1. “…published once a month or so at!”

    You are quite the over-achiever these days, eh? I love it! Keep ’em coming! At the conclusion of your whirlwind tour of Marvel Reboot #1s, it’ll be fun to see how many you continue reading.

    Loved the Guardians movie. For some reason, the concept of a solo Star-Lord comic does not grab me though.


    • (Been meaning to change my Calendar heading for ages; it’s done now)

      The world doesn’t really NEED a solo Star-Lord book — as it has turned out, this character is best when part of an ensemble — but if we must have one, then this is the one to have. With it’s young Peter Quill/origin angle, it smells like one of those unlimited series that becomes a mini-series when the first arc comes to a graceful conclusion. But it’s fun.


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