All-New All-Different Avengers #1


Capsule Review

With their “Uncanny” and “New” versions failing to impress, I was about ready to put a picture of the Avengers on a milk carton, and writer Mark Waid seems to agree, with Sam Wilson/Falcon/Captain America/FalCap noting, on page eight of this story, that “I don’t think there is an Avengers right now.” And so the cast sets out to fill that void. But the creators take their time, with a third of the characters on the cover not even appearing in this issue. I am not complaining. The villain was a bit of a snooze, but his introduction pointed toward some promising intrigue, and I like this book enough to give it a few issues to deploy all the chess pieces. The characters are distinct, the superheroics are fast-paced, and Adam Kubert’s storytelling and action are first-rate. Plenty of imagination on display, too — after all these years, it is no easy feat to surprise with a new way for Iron Man to get into his armor. Waid’s backup story with artist Mahmud Asrar is also entertaining, with Nova working better here than in his own book, striking sparks with a young Ms. Marvel that I sense will be the heart of this series.

Approachability For New Readers

Fine, as long as you are not expecting the canonical Avengers of ages past (or Jarvis, or the Mansion, or traditional Avengers villains, or …). Greater than the sum-of-its parts, and as this is basically the start of an origin story, I expect it will all prove clear in the end.

Read #2?

Yes. Avengers Assemble!

Sales Rank

#6 November

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All-New All-Different Avengers #1


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  1. You’ve piqued my curiosity on this one – I may have to give it a look! Though I need to gird my nerd loins (eww!) and reduce expectations for the traditional Avengers trappings (mansion, Jarvis, etc). A good story is a good story – just not sure this team needs to be called “Avengers” other then as an easy hook for attracting readers.

    Your mention of Nova intrigued me since he is a favorite of mine. I picked up issue #2 of Nova against my better judgment and it managed to retain my interest level at “mediocre”… there is more info on Nova’s Dad to raise my curiosity but the issue as a whole lacks substance. My pickled bronze-age brain expects a full story to be packed into 2ish pages but that is rare these days. There was *one full page* in particular where Nova is zooming down to aid someone which would have been 1 panel back in the day. OK, so maybe this is not the best example because that time-stretch was possibly intentional for dramatic effect but still… The issue did include a blurb for issue #3 with looks fun and includes Ms Marvel and a Spider-Man character that I do not recognize. I may have to buy #3 too. 😉


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