Turning (iPad) Pro!

Lest my current paper comics-based review project make you think I’ve turned my back on digital funnybooks, I offer photographic proof of my Commitment To The Future:

iPad Pro Size Comparison

That is a photo of my new iPad Pro, displaying my favorite issue of Kamandi, along with a copy of the issue itself and my old iPad Air 2 for reference.

My “old” iPad was perfectly adequate for reading comics, but the new job has been good to me and I had a few extra bucks at the end of the year, and I became obsessed with the idea of reading in 1:1 scale on a digital device, so …

iPad comics page

The bugaboo of this photographic report is that it can’t really show the superior resolution of the iPad Pro, which is a significant step up from my previous device. It also loads pages and changes pages in a flash.

Since switching to the iPad Pro, I rarely use pinch/zoom functionality to zero in on individual panels — it is all easy to see in a single image, now, and having a display this size allows me to view the work as originally composed, in the form of a single page.

Provided you can adjust to the color of digital comics, and assuming you aren’t addicted to the smell of old comic pages, about the only place the iPad Pro reading experience lags behind print is in viewing two-pages spreads, like Jack Kirby loved to do:

two-page spread

And of course digital comics are usually absent the collateral charms of original books, like letters pages and house ads …

house ad

… but for speed, convenience, clarity, and ease of image capture for articles here at Longbox Graveyard, nothing beats digital comics. I’m a convert.

So, yeah … I’m the guy who dropped eleven-hundred bucks on a device to read comics with a twenty-cent cover price. Hmm.

I’m blessed to be able to afford such foolishness. Life is good!



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  1. Another great post! I’ve been downloading the new stuff like from Image, but tell me – as the naïve question – where do you download the old titles?

    Happy Holidays Paul

    Liked by 1 person

    • That digital Kamandi was from a Comixology sale some time ago. I don’t generally buy digital books unless they are at a steep discount, preferring to “rent” them via my Marvel Digital Unlimited sub (which accounts for well over 90% of my digital comics reading).


  2. If I remember correctly, I was the one giving you the info for the discount for Kamandi but guess what? I didn’t bought it!
    I was hoping for a jumbo sized retina iPad since the very first iPad. Now, jumping on the digital reading wagon is tempting but I’ll still wait a bit longer, until Apple improves the display further (Amoled?) and Comixology releases true retina resolution comics.

    Good reading Paul, Kamandi is a great fun read full of Kirby magic!


    • Apple has trained me for a two-year upgrade cycle and so I no longer wait for anything. Not even the great Kree hero Captain Marvel was fully future-safe — I’ll jump on what’s cool today, and no doubt jump on the next thing too.

      I only got about half-way through that Kamandi run. I hope to get back to it over the break. I also scored a full run of the 1980s Giffen/DeMattais Justice League on digital in a sale last week, so I am stacked up for reading, a comfortable feeling with the holiday looming.


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