Uncanny Avengers #1


Capsule Review

And this time the title-blending spinning wheel of Marvel’s multiple-issue Avengers-verse lands on … the Uncanny Avengers! Here we have Spider-Man, Doctor (nee Brother) Voodoo, Deadpool, Rogue, the Human Torch, Quicksilver, Old Man Captain America, and someone called Synapse all together as Avengers because that’s the name on the cover, though you would be forgiven for thinking these were just the random action figures that fell from the box when you were putting it on the shelf. Writer Gerry Duggan’s bubbly script ticks along, and his characterization is strong, but I was put off a bit by Ryan Stegman’s art, which is forceful and bold but his characters are boney and a bit … ugly. The point of these Avengers, I gather, is to show unity between Avenger, mutant, and Inhuman, so of course our heroes bicker back and forth, and quit the team, and assemble in the former speakeasy basement of an old movie theater because … because … because Avengers mansion is up for sale on Zillow, I guess. Or because Cranky Cap doesn’t want to take other people’s money. I dunno. They wouldn’t tell me why. I’m confused and feel older than Old Man Captain America. I need a nap.

Approachability For New Readers

Poor. We’re left to connect too many dots on our own for why these disparate characters have come together, and there really should be some explanation why an iconic character like Captain America has suddenly reverted to his natural biological age. And for an Avengers movie fan? Forget it. The whole team they know is MIA.

Read #2?

No. It doesn’t add up.

Sales Rank

#14 October

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Uncanny Avengers #1



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  1. The characters’ elbow deformity will be a serious handicap for this title..


  2. Oh! This is one where Marvel obtains the rights for and inserts into its books the T-1000. All those wiggly characters are actually liquid metal in mid-transformation.


  3. “Random action figures that fell from the box when you were putting it on the shelf.”
    Ha! Well calling it Uncanny Avengers is a much shorter title, but dead on there.
    Shit a random mix of figures falling off MY shelf would probably be waaaay more entertaining and logical than this line-up.


    • I work in a creative business and we often stop ourselves to ask who’s problem we are solving. It is all too easy to solve a developer problem at the audience’s expense. We must never forget that what we do is for an audience, and it is the audiences needs and problems we have to address.

      This lineup feels like Marvel is solving their own problem — the need to have an Uncanny Avengers book on the stands — rather than addressing the audience’s need. Does the audience NEED three or five or whatever many Avengers books? Probably not. Was there a single fan out there that was laying awake at night excited over the possibilities suggested by this particular lineup? Find me that guy and I will give you a dollar.

      It is true that the audience often doesn’t know what it wants until you give it to them, but in this case the book seems entirely artificial. It may develop life over time (and the script is pretty good — prettier art and I would have given it a recommendation), but at launch it all feels very thrown together, and more an answer to Marvel’s needs than an answer to fan demands.


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