Spider-Man 2099 #1

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1

Capsule Review

Stranded in the past, the Spider-Man of the future tries to retroactively prevent the disaster that will destroy his age yet-to-come. Writer Peter David spends much of the issue deploying his chess pieces — fitting Miguel O’Hara into the new franchise-wide Spider-Verse, introducing the supporting cast, establishing Miguel’s problems and goals, and socking our hero with a tragic motivation for revenge. It’s such a busy start that our hero never appears in costumed action, which I think is a mistake. All that plainclothes heavy lifting isn’t helped by Will Sliney’s art, which is in places stiff and conveys a limited range of facial expression. A competent story but not especially entertaining.

Approachability For New Readers

I knew nothing about this character before this issue, and followed along well enough. The tight integration of the Spidey books can’t help but make you feel this is just one part of an unseen larger story, for good or ill.

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Sales Rank

#34 October

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Spider-Man 2099 #1



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  1. I have no comment on this book, but I do want to share why comics are so awesome. I saw this cover, specifically the iconic costume, and was virtually transported back in time over twenty years, and just got hit with that wonderful wave of good vibes nostalgia.

    Spider-Man 2099 will always remind me of the Christmas season, 1992. That was probably my first big year of comic nerd-ness, from Marvel Series 3 and X-Men trading cards, to reading Wizard and watching X-Men and Batman on FOX. 2099 is one of those things that will always remind me of that time. I don’t remember anything about the book, other than he had a hologram woman (turns out her name was Lyla; I wonder if there was something subconscious when I named my daughter… though I was definitely thinking of Lila Cheney) and that costume… Greatest costume ever. Thanks, Rick Leonardi. (I had to Google that.)


    • The 2099 launch is one of my blindspots — I was out of comics at the time. For me it is in the dustbin of history alongside the New Universe and the Ultraverse. But there does seem quite a bit of nostalgia for this line — particularly among fans who were just getting into comics at that time (and no surprise there).

      Lyla’s in this book, by the way — sounds like you need to get it. There’s a lot of backstory and narrative in this issue that is clearly aimed at melding the 2099 continuity with this Brave New Marvel. It was just noise to me but I suspect it is red meat to fans, lapsed or otherwise. Let me know if you like it.


  2. I know zilch about Spider-Man 2099. That costume is really cool though!

    Random thought: How about a Big 2 crossover team-up with “Spider-Man 2099” and “Batman Beyond”!?!?


  3. Back in the 90’s, this book stood out pretty good among the junk that Marvel was mass producing but it didn’t age so well when I opened a couple of issues several years ago.

    Still a sucker for Ditko, Kane, Andru and Romita… This IS nostalgia, guys.


    • The Ditko-into-Romita era will always stand atop the many interpretations of Spider-Man, but time marches on, even at Longbox Graveyard. But I expect I will follow-up this flirtation with the All-New and All-Different with a deep dive back into the silver and bronze ages next year, and some Romita Spider-Man would be tasty indeed.


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