Invincible Iron Man #1


Capsule Review

Superior art! Justin Ponsor’s colors are particularly nice, luxuriously illuminating Tony Stark’s after-midnight Manhattan penthouse world. David Marquez can draw subtle changes of expression and so he holds up to Brian Michael Bendis’ parades of talking-heads-in-boxes. Panel sequences on some of the two-page spreads are hard to follow. As is common with Bendis books, the characterization and dialogue is strong, while the plot moves at a … languid … pace. Limited action. Nice reveal at the end. The new armor design is a snore.

Approachability For New Readers

Good! If you know Tony Stark from a comic or a movie or a cartoon, you will be instantly up-to-speed.

Read #2?

Yes. Iron thumbs up!

Sales Rank

#1 October

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Invincible Iron Man #1


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  1. My biggest problem with Bendis is that the plot moves way too slowly. The trend of highly decompressed comics is one that really needs to go away, especially in the face of rising prices. I know I, as a consumer, won’t spend money on a highly decompressed story at $3-4 a pop. Speaking of 70s comics, a lot of those were only 18 pages long and they are absolutely PACKED with story.


    • I agree that Bendis is best enjoyed in long reads (and I went on at length about it in a past column), but I have come to terms with his work. Bendis is the best writer working at Marvel right now — his dialogue and characterization are first-rate — and I am happy to give him the time and space he needs to tell his tale. BUT … I never buy him in paper, preferring to wait for his long or complete runs to roll onto my Marvel Digital Unlimited sub, where I can binge them out without concern for the slow pace or high cost of the story on a page-by-page basis.

      This review, of course, is of a paper comic, one of the first new paper comics that I’ve bought in decades (!), but it is a one-time thing. I’m only collecting the #1 issues of this Marvel re-launch. After that, I’m back to digital … so where I say in a review that I’d read the #2, what I’m really saying is that I’ll read the #2 half a year from now when it pops up in my sub.

      With those caveats in mind … I stand by my review of Bendis’ Iron Man. This issue is a good start to what I’m sure will be a typical Bendis story, which means it will take its time to get to wherever it is going, but will serve well as a long-form binge-read, at least until it is interrupted by the invariable artist change or blind-sided by some compulsory line-wide editorial crossover. But those are outrages for another day!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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