The Haunted Tank!

Another not-so-mysterious package arrived at Longbox Graveyard Secret Headquarters a couple weeks ago. I know full well what is within, but I like to fool myself sometimes.

mysterious package

And within … a book!

Ah Ha!

Not just any book … a book where I wrote a chapter! I wrote a scholarly article about the Haunted Tank because … because … well, just because.

An excerpt:

Horrors of War excerpt

It was very nice to be a part of this project, which explores the meaning and significance of supernatural war stories in literature, film, and (lucky for me!) comic-books. The creator biographies read like an alphabet soup of PhDs and MfAs and BMOCs and then there is little old me — video game designer, sometime comic book writer, and full-time master of the Longbox Graveyard!

Horrors of War

To celebrate, I had my good pal Farzad Varahramyan cook up a bit of Photoshop magic of your’s truly holding his copy of the book …

Paul O'Connor & the Haunted Tank!

Horrors of War is available on Amazon.


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Revelations and retro-reviews from a world where it is always 1978, published every now and then at!

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  1. Congrats Paul! I’m sure your essay read as well (or better) than those stuffy white ivory types!


  2. sorry forgot “tower”…fingers are not obeying my brain…eh hem, I meant to say than those “ivory tower” types (i.e. those profs in our hallowed halls of upper academia)…


    • I’m just happy to be among such distinguished company! In another life I might have been a scholar, but fate had other plans for me, and I never even finished High School! I blame the brain-rotting effects of funnybooks.


  3. Paul,in reading the excerpt above I really think I have to buy the book to get the rest. I’m going to have to start saving my pennies right away (a lot of them!). In the mean time, I’m proud to be the inheritor of your previous volumes of the Haunted Tank. Thanks my friend!


    • Glad you’re enjoying those Haunted Tank volumes, Andy … if I had a larger Secret Headquarters, they’d still be on my shelf!

      (Right now I don’t even have room for a shelf, but I’m working on it!)


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