Death To Advertising!

Longbox Graveyard has gone ad-free!

National Lampoon

I’ve used WordPress’ WordAds here at Longbox Graveyard for the last couple years. It never amounted to much — scarcely a dollar a day when the planets all aligned — but I kept it going because along with comments and hits it was another way to “keep score” with my blog. I’m a metrics guy, and I like watching little numbers go up.

Besides, I grew up in an era where comic books carried pages that looked like this …

Comic Book Ad Page

… and so I rationalized that the increasingly ugly ads integrated into the flow here at Longbox Graveyard were just part of that tradition.

But … ugh … those WordAd serves were pretty tacky. Chances are you didn’t even notice them, but as the guy who looks at this blog every day, I was getting worn down.

Ads used to appear at the top of this page, in the top spot on my right sidebar, and at the end of most posts. Some ads were fine, but I really didn’t like the chumbox stuff:


And so they are gone.

I won’t promise they’re gone forever … WordAds only pay off when they’ve hit $100, and I might someday get sick of seeing my account stuck on fifty bucks, and decide to turn it on again. If my traffic really picks up again and I feel like I am leaving money on the table, ads might return. But I don’t need income from this blog, and giving up seven bucks a month in ad revenue is a small price to pay to be rid of this obnoxiousness.

(If it was your convention to click on ads to support Longbox Graveyard … thanks! If you are still in a supporting mood, consider purchase of a graphic novel from my sales page).

I turned a blind eye to ads here at Longbox Graveyard for a long time … if you are interested in what finally changed my stance, check out this article from The Awl.

See ya later, Chumbox!

UPDATE: Even after disabling ads, I’m still seeing them from time-to-time. Letter of complaint is pending to WordPress, I’ll let you know what happens!



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  1. I honestly didn’t much notice the ads here. I guess I learned to tune them out. Anyway, that comic ad you’ve posted brings back a lot of memories,


    • It is becoming obvious that blog ads are like a lock on your front door. You think the lock is to keep other people out of your house, but you come to realize most people have zero interest in entering your home, while you have to deal with the damn lock every day.

      The ads are supposed to be for everyone else, but I’m the guy that sees them most. Ugh.


  2. Those old ads make me feel so nostalgic!


  3. I also enjoyed the ads in the old comics from the ’60’s and ’70s. Those were great!
    Whenever I read old back issues, I probably spend as much time looking at them as I do reading the story!
    Say, anybody know where I can order me some X-ray specs? Just for scientific purposes of course.


  4. …when I was a little kid, I thought that guy in the Robert Bell ad must be, like, Thor’s brother or something. I mean, I’m sure they started with Thor and then took the wings off his helmet and stuck some B’s for Bell on his shirt, (better than having bees stuck on your shirt) maybe for copyright reasons, but at the time, I thought it must be Thor’s brother, whose name started with a B.
    Funny how a little kid’s mind works. Every Thor comic I got I would page through it to see when Bob of Asgard showed up, but he never did.
    I figured he was like Asgard’s lost Cunningham.


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