All Hail The Top Dog!

The votes are in … and in the most-voted Final in Longbox Graveyard March Madness history, #11 seed Lockjaw completed his Cinderella run to the championship by besting top seed Krypto by a single vote!

Hugs For Lockjaw!

Lockjaw Wins!

I am fairly surprised by this result … I rated Krypto the #1 seed in the tournament, and I voted for the Dog of Steel in every round, including the Final. I would have exercised by editorial discretion and awarded Krypto the victory in the event of a tie … but a vote came in for Lockjaw at literally the last moment, and history was made!

Lockjaw -- Winner!

This is why we “play the games” — sure things are rarely sure things, and these tournaments wouldn’t be much fun if they didn’t allow for the possibility of upsets!

In retrospect, I clearly had Lockjaw seeded too low at #11, failing to account for the popularity afforded by his role in the contemporary Ms. Marvel series … just another peril of your editor permanently residing in the year of 1978!

But no matter the circumstances or the seeding, Lockjaw is the winner of the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Super-Animal Showdown!


Lockjaw is Top Dog!

All Hail Lockjaw!

And one last time, here is how the complete championship shook out …

Lockjaw Wins!

Share your reactions to Lockjaw’s big victory in the comments, below … and start stumping for the topic of the 2016 March Madness! Should we face down Super-Apes? Super-Villains? How about the greatest comic book aliens (Silver Surfer vs. Martian Manhunter in the final?) Let me know your thoughts … and thanks for your enthusiastic support of the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Super-Animal Showdown!


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  1. The dog is having his day.
    I’m a little surprised by this myself.
    I gotta say, Paul, when you started these shenanigans, I didn’t figure it to end up with Lockjaw.
    Well, Krypto got a lotta respect.
    It just goes to show ya, when you’re talking about comics, there’s Kirby and then there’s everybody else.

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    • Krypto will have his revenge when I do my Top Ten Super-Dogs article in May. I think Lockjaw is a little flavor-of-the-moment, but a worthy winner at this particular point in time!

      And you are right about Kirby — Lockjaw won the tourney, but Devil Dinosaur also made a good run. Hail to the King.

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  2. No sweat, Lockjaw had the keys of success in his paws from the very start!


  3. I still cannot believe that Streaky the Super-Cat did not do better. He should have trounced that weirdo Comet in the second round!

    Having said that, I like both Krypto and Lockjaw. I voted for Superdog, but I don’t mind seeing the Inhuman canine reach to top spot. Lockjaw is one of those enduring bizarre-but-cool concepts that Jack Kirby was so incredibly brilliant at devising.


    • One of the perils to being stuck in 1978 as I am is that I totally miss the current trends. When I thought of Lockjaw, I thought of Kirby and the Inhumans, completely unaware that he’d found a fresh audience in the new Ms. Marvel series. That’s most of the reason he totally snuck up on me in the tournament. I wonder where he would have placed strictly on the basis of his Kirby bona-fides? (Devil Dinosaur also did well).

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