March Madness Super-Animal Showdown — Championship!

Our March Madness Super-Animal Showdown has reached its climax!

The Final Four saw Lockjaw handily beat Devil Dinosaur, while top seed Krypto had his paws full with Howard the Duck, who led much of the week before fading down the stretch.

The stage is set for a truly dog-eat-dog final!

It’s overdog versus underpup as the tournament’s prohibitive favorite squares off against the Wurfing Cinderella …

#1 Krypto (d. Howard The Duck 55-45) vs. #11 Lockjaw (d. Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy, 72-28)

Krypto vs. Lockjaw!

Who will emerge as the top dog in the Longbox Graveyard March Madness Super-Animal Showdown? As always, your votes will tell the tale (tail?)

Get voting, and get commenting! This is the moment of truth!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this year’s tournament — it’s been a blast! And for the record, here’s how the whole thing unfolded …

Final Round


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  1. I love dogs, but I have no connection to Superman’s best friend. Therefore, Lockjaw it is. Showdown between two canine champs!

    I remember when I first saw Lockjaw in the pages of the FF. Johnny and Wyatt were trying to get Lockjaw to comply with their wishes to take them to Attilan, but Lockjaw had a “mind” of his own and kept taking them to weird dimensions. Funny dog antics basically. That sealed it for me and Lockjaw became one of my favorite characters. Then, it’s charming that the dog never barks (I guess I don’t recall him barking…kinda like Black Bolt???) Anyway, this is my way of trying to sway people on the fence between Krypto and LJ to vote for LOCKJAW. Vote LOCKJAW!

    No matter who wins, many many thanks to Paul for providing such a fun rousing format in which to indulge in my favorite hobby. Peace…


    • I associate Lockjaw with “Wurf” as his bark, but maybe I’m just making things up again …

      I expect I will vote for Krypto at the end of the week — traditionalist that I am — but I am heartened to see Lockjaws success in this tournament and will celebrate if he pulls off the upset victory!

      (Thanks for following the Tourney!)


  2. Lockjaw all the way! I’d still have preferred Grodd or some other talking ape, but oh well.


  3. Well, I voted.
    This was a no-fun situation here.
    I feel like I just had a dog put to sleep.
    I kinda wish Grodd had made it this far. I dislike monkeys, and I would have had no problem sending him to the sausage works.
    Go Lockjaw. (sigh)


  4. Lockjaw is more than the best of the bunch here (except maybe Devil Dinosaur), but he is my favorite Inhuman, period.


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