Spock Block!

In a harmless bit of civic silliness, my newly-adopted hometown elected to honor Mr. Spock, given that this past week would have been Mr. Nimoy’s 84th birthday, had he not, sadly, Boldly Gone earlier this month.

Behold … Spock Block!

Coast News -- Spock Block

The inspiration: Encinitas City Councilman Tony Kranz recognized that Encinitas has a Vulcan Avenue … and of course, Vulcan is Mr. Spock’s home planet (or was his home planet, if you follow the J.J.verse).

Spock Block -- Vulcan & D

Since Vulcan Avenue is a block from my house — and since I love Star Trek — I considered it my duty to check out the celebration. Our optimistic City Council hoped Spock Block would anchor some kind of spontaneous Star Trek festival that would see fans beam down to Encinitas in droves, wearing their Original Series gear and eating in our restaurants.

But basically … it’s just a bunch of signs.

Spock Block

They’re nice signs. And there are a lot of them all around the city block in question.


City Hall Overflow Parking does remind of the hot, blasted plains of Spock’s homeworld.


This is not the Tomb of Nimoy — it’s just another one of those signs, this time atop a concrete retaining wall.

Over at the library was another of the signs, but it has not lived long, nor prospered:


And inside the library, a modest selection of books that were Star Trek … ish.


All-in-all, a nice gesture, albeit one that suffered for coming together at the last moment.

There really are a lot of signs on this block — a dozen or so. Some taxpayer group is bound to get up in arms about it. (A few local message board warriors are already pissy about it … though the City Council has already declared the event a success, and clarified that no taxpayer money was involved). I wonder what they’ll do with the signs when the week is over? Auction them off for pennies? Save them for next year?

And about next year … if they want to do this right … the Council needs to contact someone in the local Trek scene to set up a couple of events, and promote the week to Southern California fans. Plan a charity Spock Walk down Vulcan Avenue. Show Wrath of Khan in the library. I dunno. Something. Anything?

(And I am not volunteering!)

Anyway, I’m glad that Encinitas did this. It’s a goofy town.

Live Long And Prosper, Mr. Spock! We miss you.



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  1. That’s awesome! I wish I lived in a cool city like that. Aren’t you glad you moved?


  2. Really cool. Nice to have a city with a sense of Humor!


    • A cynic would suggest that it is natural for a city to have a sense of humor when it is run by clowns … but that’s a cheap shot, so I won’t take it.

      (But, man, the message board guys in Encinitas are sure up in arms against this City Council … but maybe it is always that way, only the complainers take to the internet to correct everyone else in the first place, dunno … and I haven’t been here long enough to have an informed opinion on anything more complex that Spock Block in any case)


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