The Unspoken Decade!

This month’s praise-for-the-other-guys is for The Unspoken Decade!

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The brainchild of friend-of-the-Longbox-Graveyard Dean Compton, the Unspoken Decade looks at comics of the 1990s — a sometimes-reviled period that Dean asserts is worth a fresh look (and sometimes — but not always — fresh mocking).


Dean and his many co-bloggers look not only at Dean’s personal favorites like the Punisher and Darkhawk, but they cover Indie comics, too, and a generous chunk of DC’s output, including the very-good 1990s Starman reboot


I was in my Odinsleep away from comics in the 1990s, and to be honest most of the books I’ve seen from that era were pretty cringeworthy … but Dean’s efforts at the Unspoken Decade have helped me find a few classics I might have otherwise overlooked. And as for the schlocky stuff that Dean so happily lampoons — well, that just serves to reinforce my notion that the “golden age” of everything is, “twelve!” If I’d come of age in the nineties, like Dean, instead of two decades earlier, then Longbox Graveyard might look a lot like the Unspoken Decade!

So mouse on over to the Unspoken Decade, and remember the era when heads were small, biceps were big, and superior firepower was the solution to every woe! Then head on back to Longbox Graveyard, to read Dean’s many guest contributions to this site, including next week’s look at The Rampaging Hulk!


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  1. Pretty much anything I’ve seen by Marvel in the 90’s has been complete gargage, but DC did have some decent stuff from that decade. Still, this must be the weakest decade in comics, other than maybe the 50’s.


  2. I agree with Dave. D.C. did put out some gems here and there. Grant Morrison and Garth Ennis did some very interesting stuff.
    The majority of comics in that decade were so embarrassing they kept me out of the comic stores, except when I would sneak in wearing a fake beard, trench coat, and sunglasses to buy some back issues from earlier decades.


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