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Batman by Steve Rude


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  1. I was able to see a presentation from the Dude at the Arizona Science Center as part of their Art 360 program. They hold this in the planetarium so imagine Rude’s art projected (and animated) onto a gigantic screen over head. And of course he brought the originals for everyone to look at. Good times.


  2. Any relation to Rick?

    I’m watching the clock in the office tonight, with no desire to make side art either, so I thought I’d drop by, say hello, and hope you have a kickass new year, Paul.

    I bought the new Star Wars, the Bucky O’Hare cover, and have been thoroughly underwhelmed through the first half of the story. I don’t even know if you care! But like I said, clock-watching. Peace.


    • Always good to hear from you, Scott … and thanks again for giving me the low-down on Rhode Island a couple months ago. I was within days of moving there, before some crazy burp in the timestream created this alternate shard of reality that saw me sell half my stuff and move to the beach here in Southern California. Our destinies follow a crooked line.

      Believe it or not, I’m very interested in the new Star Wars comic. Not enough to buy it, but maybe to read it when collected. I’m not particularly a Star Wars guy, but I’m as nostalgic as the next guy. I’m looking forward to the new movie and I expect I’ll do something on Star Wars here at LBG before the end of 2015. Sorry to hear it’s underwhelming, so far — maybe it’s just one of those decompressed modern books that takes awhile to get going?

      (And until right now I’d never heard of Bucky O’Hare, but now I’m intrigued)


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