Countdown To Super-Blog Team-Up!

The fourth Super-Blog Team-Up goes live next week!

Super-Blog Team-Up!

Super-Blog Team-Up is an occasional cross-blogging project where several comics bloggers take on a common subject. We’ve already tackled heroes giving up their powers, ret-cons, and favorite bad guys

Super-Blog Team-Up!

— but this time, Super-Blog Team-Up will take on … Team Ups!

Super-Blog Team-Up!

My own contribution is all about the time the Thing teamed up with … himself!

Thing Vs. Thing!

Join me back here at Longbox Graveyard next week as the latest Super-Blog Team-Up kicks off … and be sure to check my Super-Blog Team-Up page for links to our past endeavors!

Super-Blog Team-Up!(Thanks to Superhero Satellite for the groovy promo art!)

Super-Blog Team-Up!


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