We interrupt this blog to bring you an unsolicited plug for a very worthy site you should be reading (if you aren’t already) … Superdames!


Superdames is a loving tribute to what Stan Lee used to refer to as the “distaff” side of super-herodom — the women!

This site is especially welcome in a week that saw the comics internet blow up over a tacky Spider-Woman cover … Superdames is a respectful site bereft of the “headlight” school of comic art that so often characterizes the comic industry’s take on female superheroes.

Equally refreshing is Superdames’ fascination with largely-forgotten heroines of comics’ Golden Age, such as the skull-faced Fantomah, Mystery Woman of the Jungle


… and the plucky Jill Trent, Science-Sleuth — a character now in the public domain, that Superdames is bringing back in all-new adventures with a crowd-sourced creative effort now front-and-center at the Superdames site!

Jill Trent, Science Sleuth!

But it isn’t all Golden Age at Superdames … there’s plenty of love for She-Hulk and comparatively more modern characters, too. I especially enjoy the Superdames “Favorite Panels” category, which I’ve gleefully raided for images for my Pinterest boards and Instagram feed, including this gorgeous Big Barda by Jack Kirby!

Big Barda

There’s a lot to like, here, and I’m always delighted to see a new Superdames entry pop up in my comic book RSS feed. Head on over to Superdames … and tell them Longbox Graveyard sent you!


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