Guardians of the Galaxy!

The wait is almost over! The curtain lifts shortly on Marvel’s riskiest movie to date — The Guardians of the Galaxy!

Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m all-in on this one, and will try to see it first weekend, but you can be forgiven if you are skeptical about this picture. After all, who are these guys? The Guardians, by far, are the most obscure characters Marvel has brought to the screen.

To help you brush up on Guardians history, here are several articles I’ve written about the Guardians of the Galaxy!

I wrote about the origins of the Guardians of the Galaxy here … and while these original characters won’t feature in the film, the article still gives you a basis for Guardians lore. Plus, after reading this article, you’ll be equipped to carp about Charlie-27’s omission from the film … you’ll be the envy of your friends!

Marvel Super-Heroes #18, Gene Colan

The present leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy is Star Lord, and that character has interesting origins all his own (and appeared in a terrific solo adventure, too) …

Marvel Preview #4

I’ve also published several Galleries of Guardians of the Galaxy artwork, like my Star Lord Gallery

Star-Lord, by John Byrne & Terry Austin

… and my Guardians of the Galaxy Gallery

Marvel Presents #3

… and don’t forget last week’s Rocket Raccoon Gallery, either! Rocket is going to steal the show, mark my words!

Rocket Raccoon

And for a deeper dive, check out my coverage of the Guardians’ Big Bad, Thanos …

Thanos by Jim Starlin


… I’ve got a Thanos Panel Gallery for you, a look at his obsession with the Infinity Gauntlet, and a piece about how ol’ Thanos keeps looking for love in all the wrong places.

Enjoy the movie … and be sure to share your impressions of Guardians of the Galaxy in my comments section, below!


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  1. I got into cosmic Marvel right after Annihilation, and I’ve been a fan of Nova and this incarnation of the Guardians ever since. I cannot wait to see this play out on the big screen.

    I hope Thor 3 or Guardians 2 somehow brings the two franchises together, because I’d die to see a Blood and Thunder adaptation in the movies. It wouldn’t be too far fetched either, considering the overarching story in all these Marvel movies is coming to a head with the Infinity Gauntlet. (In Blood & Thunder, Thor goes crazy and gets his hands on the power gem, which was previously swallowed by Drax.)


    • I really need some kind of cheat sheet for recent Marvel cosmic stories. I’m still throughly rooted in the 70s. I can tell you all about Cap, the Thing, and Sharon Carter helping the Guardians of the Galaxy (the OLD guys) beat the Baddoon, and I’m up on the earliest twists and turns in the Warlock/Gamora/Thanos soap opera, and of course I have a PhD in Captain Marvel … but everything after the first appearance of Rocket Raccoon is a haze!


      • I honestly remember nothing of Volume 3 (the first Star-Lord team), but I know I liked it. I got lost during War of Kings because I went through a bad break-up and was too depressed to read about space raccoons, so I stopped reading for a while.


        • A depression that excludes space raccoons is a deep depression indeed, my friend. My condolences.

          I actually did read a big chunk of the Abnett & Lanning Guardians run on my digital sub (and enjoyed it), but my long read was derailed by the usual bugaboo of comics publishing — the mandatory line-wide crossover. Those events are designed to drive monthly readership but they’re the absolute bane of the long re-read. So even though I liked the run I was “offboarded” at some point or another and never got back on (it might very well have been the War of Kings).


          • That was the other reason I stopped reading. I don’t even know why I was depressed. I didn’t even love her! We got back together 6 months later, and I was reading comics again (with a little gap I never really filled) and then we broke up again, but I didn’t give a shit that time. I moved on, partied hard, played with food, and now I have a family and no time to read comics anyway!


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