For Sale Friday: Atari Force!

Welcome to another For Sale Friday! Last week I offered up my Blue Devil collection for sale, and this week, it’s Atari Force!

Atari Force

The product of an odd bit of mid-1980s corporate synergy, Atari Force was an original science fiction epic loosely connected to Atari’s various video game brands. Author Gerry Conway saw the book as license to write star-faring space opera, while artist José Luis García-López offered beautiful pencils for most of the first dozen issues.


The lot I have on offer is Atari Force #1-12. All books are individually bagged and boarded, and in mid-grade condition or better. Your price for this lot is $15.00, plus postage (U.S. addresses only, please). I will charge you exact postage based on destination — the lot will weigh about two pounds and ship from zip code 92078 in case you would like to log onto and run some scenarios.

Atari Force

If you’d like these comics for your very own, write me — longboxgraveyard (at) gmail (dot) com — and we will work out the details. Think of it as a way of supporting Longbox Graveyard while filling out your own collection with some cool comics!

Atari Force


See you back here next week for another For Sale Friday … and in the meantime, please be sure to check my individual comics issues for sale, and my eBay auctions, too!



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