For Sale Friday: Blue Devil!

As part of my ongoing efforts to reduce the size of the Longbox Graveyard comics collection, I’m inaugurating a new series of occasional Friday posts here at the blog — For Sale Friday, where I offer select comics runs for sale directly to my readers! I’ll keep each lot up for a week, then I’ll bump the price a bit and move them on to eBay.

My first lot is Blue Devil, a fun 1980s DC Comics series from Dan Miskin, Gary Cohn, and Paris Cullins.

Blue Devil

I liked this series quite a bit when I was heavily collecting comics in the 1980s. It was a light, humorous, swashbucking superhero series about a stunt man who gets fused with his Blue Devil power suit while battling a real-life demon on a movie set. Look, just go with it … this is far from the strangest thing that happened in this series, which became known for off-beat events and storylines. In time, Blue Devil would be characterized as a kind of “weirdness magnet” that brought all this odd stuff upon himself …

Blue Devil Lot

The lot I have on offer is Blue Devil #1-23, plus Annual #1. All books are individually bagged and boarded, and in mid-grade condition or better. Your price for this lot is $20.00, plus postage (U.S. addresses only, please). I will charge you exact postage based on destination — the lot will weigh about four pounds and ship from zip code 92078 in case you would like to log onto and run some scenarios.

Blue Devil #1


If you’d like these comics for your very own, write me — longboxgraveyard (at) gmail (dot) com — and we will work out the details. Think of it as a way of supporting Longbox Graveyard while filling out your own collection with some cool comics!

Blue Devil #1

See you back here next week for another For Sale Friday … and in the meantime, please be sure to check my individual comics issues for sale, and my eBay auctions, too!



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