Old Vampires Never Die …!

It’s only taken two decades, but the publicity campaign for the two issues of Rune that I wrote is finally hotting up!

That’s right! Two issues of Rune (that I blogged about writing, HERE) were recently the subject of not one; and not TWO; but THREE podcasts by the illustrious Professor Alan!

You can listen to Prof Alan’s assessment of Rune #4 HERE.

Rune Volume 2, #4

And you can listen to Prof Alan’s review of Rune #5 HERE.

Rune Vol. 2 #5

And then you can listen to Prof Alan interview ME about both those books (and other comics stuff, besides) HERE!

And for a really deep dive, be sure to check out my original comic scripts for these issues of Rune!

Barry Windsor-Smith's Rune

There you have it … all the Rune you can stand … and a blast from the past in the form of a contemporary interview about work I did in the 1990s. Gotta love the internet! And you gotta love Prof Alan for exhuming my stuff from the Quarter Bin.

Thanks, Prof!


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Revelations and retro-reviews from a world where it is always 1978, published every now and then at www.longboxgraveyard.com!

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  1. It really sucks (no pun intended, y’know, since Rune is vampiric) that Marvel will not reprint any of the original Ultraverse material or create new stories with the characters. I’ve heard rumors that it is because the original contracts with Malibu gave the creators a certain percentage of the profits, and Marvel is unwilling to fork over any money. Whatever the case, it’s a real shame that Malibu was purchased by Marvel for its computer coloring, and that the actual characters & series being published by them were considered inconsequential.


    • I know the Malibu guys a little bit, and while none of them have the whole story, what you say is substantially correct (though I think a little more nuanced and complicated). After all, Marvel has done creator-owned books of their own — having to account for the original Malibu contracts shouldn’t be a hard stop for them if they genuinely wanted to revisit the Ultraverse. Life is long, we shall see.

      Malibu was very nearly purchased by DC … and if that deal had gone through, Malibu might have survived in some form up to the present day. Marvel bought Malibu more to keep it away from DC than for the coloring system. It was a last-minute and reactionary move, and you can see this in the lack of strategy Marvel had for Malibu post-purchase. Rather than being part of some publishing plan going forward, Malibu just kind of wound down to oblivion.

      Plenty of Malibu alums went on to enjoy long careers in the business, though … in fact I was just on the phone with Hank Kanalz, presently a VP at DC, who has been with the company for 18 years! Like old vampires, we old comics guys never die!


  2. It was a pleasure to chat with you, Paul — and the 50 cents I paid for those two issues of RUNE were total quarter-bin bargains !!!


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